Anime Injector ML Apk Download Latest Version [Android App 2023]

Today every player’s favorite game is the mobile legend bang bang game. Therefore to make it more attractive a more advanced application is created to unlock the premium features of the mobile legend bang bang game. Similarly, a new app was created known as anime injector ml for mobile legend bang bang game premium features.

 The other apps are created but after some, they are of no use because the mobile legend bang bang game is kept updating from time to time. and these are of no use because these app versions are old and not updated regularly. In the latest version of the anime injector, you will get all the skins and other premium assets of the mobile legend bang bang game. There are customs maps, skins themes, and background changes as well. This article is all about the details and features of anime injectors. 

Anime Injector App Information

App Name  Anime injector ml
App Size 7.5 mb
App version 1.45 v
Developer Kaneki mobile legend
Android Requirements 5.0 and above

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What Is An Anime Injector – Andriod Game

Anime injector is basically a third-party tool that will unlock the premium features of the mobile legend bang bang game.  This app will give you all the features that others don’t have. The best part is you will enjoy the HD display. Which will look more appealing to you and you will see every detail in the game. Like the flames and attack effects.

How To Download The Anime Injector App

The process for download anime injector ml and installing is straightforward. You won’t find any kind of obstacle in downloading this app. Following are the steps given below in order to download this app.

  • Click on the download button and your downloading will automatically start.
  • After the completion of the download open the folder where the file is downloaded and locate it.
  • Now tap on the file and your installation will begin.  
  • During the installation process, there will be two options.
  • Now choose the allow unknown resources option.
  • After a few seconds, the installation will be complete. Now open the app and get all the features you like to play.


The features of the anime ml injector are amazing. The features of anime injector attract everyone. Because they are quite different from other platforms. Some of them are given below:


The players will get a free skin through the anime injector app. There are a lot of skins available that you can choose for your hero. Some of them are given below:

  • Tank
  • Fighter
  • Assassin
  • Mage
  • Marksman
  • Support

These are a few names but when you open the anime skin ml injector app, there will be more than 200 skins available for you. 


You can also change background effects. When you open the game the main display there is your lobby. You can change the background of that lobby and make it more beautiful. However, some of them are given below :

  • Ml thema
  • Map magix
  • Ches
  • Border
  • Custom mao
  • Drone map

Drone view 

The anime skin ml injector 2022 also offers the drone view for the mobile legend bang bang game. You can adjust the view where it’s suitable for you. There are different settings available for it like from 2x to 7x . With the help of drone view, you will view the screen and enemy positions and attacks on them. Through this, you will attack them more strategically and easily defeat them. 


The settings of the analog can be changed easily.  You won’t find any obstacles in it.


The interface of the app is designed in such a way that any person can easily use it. There are some apps like anime injector and they also work as a tool for mobile legend bang bang games but it’s difficult to use them and hard to unlock the features of the game. However, you have to simply open the app and all the options will appear in front of you. And you can choose whatever you like.

How To Install Anime Injector ML APK

The process for using the anime injector is very easy. There are no obstacles in using this app. Neither you need to be a software expert to use this app. If you don’t know then follow the simple steps given below :

  • First, you have to download the anime injector app and install it.
  • Now open the app and all the options will appear on the front of the screen.
  • Choose the requirements that you would like to require in the game.
  • After selecting the options that you require click on the inject.
  • Now open the mobile legend bang bang game and you will see all the features will be enabled. 


Is anime injector ml safe?

The anime injector ml apk is totally safe from all kinds of viruses. This app is safe from all kinds of malware threats. Now in other apps due to old versions of them, the account gets suspended or these files might contain viruses. Which might damage your device. But the anime injector is safe from all kinds of viruses and you don’t have to worry about it. Just download the app and start using it.


The anime injector ml is one of the greatest apps ever that allows you to unlock the premium features of the mobile legend bang bang game. The features in this app make every player crazy. You will get almost 10 skins for every player, just tap on the skin and it will be on your hero.

Through a crazy drone view, you will attack more strategically. And with the help of maps, you will easily locate the enemy’s position and attack them hard. To make it more interesting you can also get the background music and themes. There are a lot of other features in anime injectors that will help you in the game. If you are new in the game and want to defeat your enemy then download the anime injector app and become the legend of this game. 

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