Download Color Rummy Apk For Android- Play Card Game

Download Color Rummy ApkFinding the best rummy games in India? Here you go Color rummy apk is the best multiplayer app where you can play and watch games of your own choice. 

Color rummy is one f the best app all over India that will help you to bet on better games. The app with the normal version is also available on the google play store and you can download it easily all over India. The apk version is not available on the google play store and we will discuss it in detail in this article so stay tuned and continue reading. 

Enjoy the amazing unrealistic experience of rummy games with this app. No barrier of language because the app will be available in your native language. Get the card games for free with this app download. Before moving next let’s discuss the app information. 

Color Rummy Apk Information

App name   Color Rummy Apk
App type   Apk file type 
Android required   System 4.5 and above 
Compatibility   Works on your device 
Virus   None  
Cost   Free of cost 
Category   Gaming, entertainment 
Ratings   4 star 

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What Is The Color Rummy App 

As you can read from the above information and some introduction about this app. Color rummy apk’s old version is now been updated and the new version is released that you can get download easily using links in this article 

Color rummy – online rummy is the best app for playing rummy games. If you are a true card lover you will surely get the app download to your device. The best card games you can ever play for free and also bet on with color rummy 9.You will get several rummy games options including 

  • Pools 
  • Points 
  • Rummy deals 

What Is Color Rummy Apk

Color rummy joy with its apk version is the choice of millions of users. The number 1 choice of rummy game users is the color rummy joy apk.The apk version is not the same as the premium version so don’t mix them together.

Download Color Rummy Apk For Android

The premium version is not for free. Premium requires money to unlock the features and also requires a monthly subscription. The apk version is not developed by the real developers of the gaming app and also is not available on the google play store. The apk is available on many sites on google but some of the sites are also fake. 

  • The apk version will allow you to use the additional features 
  • With the apk version, you will be able to unlock all the premium features for free 
  • You can get the apk version download for free 
  • You can use the apk version for free 
  • Apk is for a lifetime 
  • No monthly subscription is required with the apk version of the color rummy old version. 

You will get links at the end of the article that will help you to download mash games.


Now let’s discuss some features of this app 


You can download and install the app for free. 

You can play free games and also bet on them all over India easily. 


The language barrier is ended with the color rummy apk. 

As it’s an Indian app so it is surely in your native language and people you find here will also able to speak and understand your language. 

Card Games

Enjoy free card games with this app and make your free time much more fun 

Easy Gaming 

You will face no difficulty while using this app as the game is really easy to use. No need to be an expert in using android or playing games. 


Rich graphics are available in every game under this app. The graphics will make your experience of gaming much more fun and enjoyable. 

How To Download Color Rummy Apk For Android

Get the app download on your android system by following the instructions below 

  • When the site appears search for the download option 
  • Click to download 
  • Grab your patience because downloading will l take some minutes. 

How To Install Color Rummy App For Android

  • Go to your mobile app and see if there is an old version present of this app. 
  • If yes then delete that version to get the latest apk version 
  • Now go to settings and search for unknown resources 
  • Enable unknown resources to give the app remissions for install 
  • Click to install and it will get installed without any problem.

Download & Install Color Rummy Card Game For Pc

  • Look at the apps and if the old version of color rummy is present uninstall it 
  • Now open the app store and search for bluestack 
  • Download bluestack 
  • Go to settings from the menu bar 
  • Search for unknown resources 
  • Click enable unknown resource option 
  • Now search for the downloaded link in bluestack 
  • Click to install 

How To Sign In Color Rummy Account

  • Open the app after download 
  • Click to sign in 
  • Enter your full name 
  • Enter email 
  • Generate password 
  • Enter bank account details 
  • Click enter 

How To Log In Color Rummy Game

  • Open app 
  • Click log in 
  • Write the email you mentioned above 
  • Enter the password you’re generated in the sign in 


How to create an account in color rummy? 

You need to sign in to create an account. For sign in follow the sign-in instructions above. 

How To Add Money In Rummy Color Apk? 

You can add money by winning it and also using your bank account. 

Is color rummy apk real and safe? 

Yes, you will get real money with color rummy and it is completely safe to use. 


If you are a rummy lover and live in India then download the color rummy apk. It is an Indian app that is free and best for card game lovers. I have provided links above you can download and install the app easily from there. 

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