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Cricket 19 DownloadCricket season is not off whole the year, but the fact is we can’t enjoy the matches all the time, and the big fish such as the world cup come up. After four years but what do we have to do all this time of Cricket 19 Download, do we have to wait, no, no we can’t wait that much time, so don’t worry. Australian outfit big ant studios bring extremely heavy fun and enjoyment so that you guys. I mean you crazy cricket lovers can be happy. Whether you are Dhoni, Sarfraz, Babar, or Kholi fan fun and excitement are waiting for you.

Cricket 19 is not an age-limited game, whether you are 12, 14 or 18, and even 22 or above, cricket 19 will make you feel that you are playing real cricket. You do not compulsory have a laptop or PC to play cricket 19, the thrilling fun is also waiting for you on your android phone

So, I think we don’t have to waste much and let’s begin the discussion of the cricket 19 downloads for android.

Cricket 19 Download Apk Information

App name  Cricket 19
App Size  66mb
App version 1.4.1
Android requires 4.4 and up 
Offered by

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What is Cricket 19 – A Cricket Game

2 over matches against your friend and top players all over the world, cricket 19 allows you to learn cricket fastly. Graphics are extraordinarily good with accurately calculated physics. There is a cheering and supportive audience for you which makes you feel standing on the ground.

Six distance, fast bowling speed, and spinners direction is shown clearly, and Drs for lbw, wide bowl, and not out is also available. As the duration of the match is too short so there is a minimum chance that you get bored. It is as real as cricket, the same way of toss, the same way of choosing fielders, the same way of giving calculated overs to spinners, fast bowlers, and all-rounders. You can select your favorite team and make a customized team of your friends.

How To Download And Install Cricket 19 For Android

You may have watched many videos and read a bundle of articles about tricks and tips for cricket 19 download for android and I am sure that you ended up with zero results because the fact there is no tip and trick, you don’t have to make your life difficult.

We are not living in the 90’s and early 2000’s when it is completely impossible to download a pc game on an android phone. Nowadays with the advancement of technology, it has become possible and quite easy to install pc games on an android phone. 

Cricket 19 Download

In today’s world with the help of servers, it is possible to play pc games on android mobile basically, the server is a platform where many files, applications, and games are put on and when you get connected to this server with the help of your android, you can run these files, applications and games on android with downloading it . Guys youtube has the same case, your mobile act as a remote, and the video actually plays on the server. So there are many gaming servers by which you can play pc games on your mobile where your mobile acts remote

Then it doesn’t matter how big is the size and how good its graphics are, you can easily play the game on your mobile phone. There is no more need to download games, you just need to have a good internet connection and an android phone.

There is a gaming server application named Gloud games, which you can download free from the google play store, the size of this application is approximately 55 MB, and there is then 200 games in this application and these all are famous games and with the help this application you can play cricket 19 in your android.

Few Steps For cricket 19 Apk Download For PC

  • Install the cloud games from the play store.
  • Go to the homepage and search for cricket 19 
  • Click on start playing and the app will check your internet connection. If your internet connection is good then you can play games, otherwise wise results will be shown to you.
  • After the above process, you have to 15 mins because other players who come first will play first, if you can’t wait then there is another option of premium playing, you can select your affordable bundle 
  •  Enjoy the cricket 19 downloads for android!


Customized Teams And Leagues

You can make your own team like with your family and friends and also with an unknown person. If you think he is a good player you can invite him to your team from all over the world.

Calculated Physics

It is an amazing and most interesting feature of cricket 19 that you can exactly know what is the kph of the ball thrown and what is exactly the six distance and all the other stuff is calculated perfectly.

Career Mode

You can also participate in different leagues and tournaments and can grow with the passage of time.


Is cricket 19 safe

Cricket 19 provides you with data safety and your personal information is not given to anyone else, you can play freely and easily as it is an international game and international platforms provide more attention to safety because their users are worldwide.

How to install the cricket 19 app?

 There can be an alternate server to enjoy cricket 19 but there is not any other way to enjoy the cricket 19 apps on an android phone, whichever video you watch or whatever blog you read.

App Screenshot


There is a possible way to cricket 19 download for android by using the server cloud game, there can be another server but this is the only method to enjoy cricket 19 on your android phone with the same features graphics, and feel real. There are multiple tournaments and leagues in the games. You can select your own teams like your family and friends and anywhere in the world.

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