Fishdom Apk [2023] Free Download For Android – Latest Version

Fishdom Apk Free DownloadFishdom apk download is a puzzle game. In this game, you will dive into the water where you will see different kinds of fish and solve the puzzle. Fishdom is currently one of the most addictive games that you will play. There are many prizes available in this game that you will get on every time completion of the puzzle. You can even add fishes according to your own.

You can add whichever fish you would like to add. The gameplay is awesome. Moreover, this game has really good graphics. Fishdom apk has other features as well, which makes it more interesting. Later on, in this article, we will discuss the features and download process of this game.

Fishdom Apk Information

App name  Fishdom
App size 174 mb
App version  6.92.0
Android requires 4.4 and above
Last updated 28 nov, 2022
Released on  March 2, 2016


About Fishdom Apk

Fishdom apk download is an addictive puzzle game, in which you have to solve the puzzle and you will get prizes. The themes of this game are very colorful and sharp which attract people the most. You can decorate the aquarium and even change the fish in it. The best part is totally free. 

Fishdom Apk Free Download For Android - Latest Version

Steps To Download And Install The Fishdom Apk For Android

The download process of fishdom is very simple. You won’t find any kind of hurdles while downloading this game. Here are the few steps given below through which you can easily download fishdom game:

  • Click on the download button after which your downloading will automatically start. 
  • After the completion of the download open the folder where the file is downloaded and click on it. 
  • When you click on the file your installation process will start. During the installation, a box will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the allow unknown resources. 
  • Now wait for a few seconds and your installation will be complete. Now open the app and enjoy. 



The features of this game are pretty amazing. You will be really amazed by using these features. Here are some of the features of this game are given below : 

Make Your Own Fish Tank 

Fishdom apk download offers you to create your own aquarium. You can choose any type of aquarium. There are many aquariums in this game that you can choose from. Not only this you can also choose the fishes according to, which are your favorite. There are many kinds of fish like aquariums that you can choose from. 

Match Three Challenge

There are different kinds of matches available in this game. You can choose whichever you like. But the most interesting of these is the match-three challenge. In which you can complete different kinds of challenges and earn coins. After collecting these coins you can purchase the aquarium and fish to play.

Play With Your Friends 

One of the best features of this game is playing with your friends online. Fishdom offers you to play online with people all over the world. You will even get connected to the best players in this game. Through this, you will get a broad experience of this game. You can even link your fishdom game with Facebook to see who is on your friends list and you can play with them. 

Play Offline

Even today, most people don’t have the internet. Or they might have a very slow internet connection. But they don’t have to worry about it because fishdom offers you to play the game even offline. You don’t have to get any kind of internet connection to play this game. 

Free of Cost 

The fishdom game comes totally free. You don’t need to purchase this game. This game is absolutely free to download and play. However, there are some premium features available in this game. But you have to purchase them. It’s not necessary to purchase them, it’s your own choice. 


The graphics of these games are really amazing. The fishdom apk latest version game comes with really amazing graphics that will surprise you. Through these best graphics, your gameplay experience will be enhanced. Because of these graphics, the fishes seem to be real and you will enjoy them more. 


There are different kinds of sound effects and music available in this game that will make your experience with this game more amazing. Every time you click on something or complete your puzzle there will be a sound effect for that. 

Eco Friendly 

This game is very easy to play. There are no difficulties in using this app. However, when you start to level up the difficulty will also level up. At every level, there is a different difficulty. 


Is this game free?

Yes, this game is completely free to download. There are no charges for downloading this app. Not even in playing the game. But if you want the premium features of this game then you have to pay some money to purchase them. 

Is this game safe

Yes, this game is completely safe.  The fishdom is 100%  free from all kinds of viruses and malware threats. Just feel free to download this game. 

Can I customize the aquarium?

Yes, you can choose the aquarium according to your own choice. Not only this, you can even choose the fish in the aquarium that you like. 

Can I play this game with my friends?

Fishdom apk offers you to connect the game with Facebook. And connect with them so you can play whenever you want.


Fishdom apk download has over 100 million plus downloads. And the current rating of this game is about 4.4 which shows how much people are loving this game and addictive to it. Not only this it’s also an editor’s choice. So what are you waiting for to download Fishdom today and dive into the water and solve the puzzle to get the most exciting prizes? Be part of one of the most fun-loving and addictive games.

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