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Your friend asks you to send pictures of notes because he is absent or might be busy with some chores, You also don’t have any problem sharing your notes with your friend but the problem is how can you send them, It’s okay that you have a smartphone and your friend do have but smartphone automatically didn’t send the pictures, you have to install or download FMWA 8.95 Apk some application or app and your friend do must have the same application. I know that your brain is continuously punching you, it is WhatsApp.

Are you really satisfied with WhatsApp?Like if there are 50 pictures of your notes, are you able to send all the pictures at the same time? or you have to select 25 at once or twenty-five after that and you might be confused that which pictures are sent and which have to send.

Let’s change the situation a little bit. Let’s suppose your friend asks you to record the lecture because he has to deal with certain things in his life, and you recorded but the question is how you can send it. Did WhatsApp allow you to send fifty minutes mark lecture?

I think there are a lot of questions in your mind so stay tuned with me to know the answer.

FMWA 8.95 Apk Information

App name Fouad Mod WhatsApp(FMWA)
version 8.95
App by Fouad Mokdad
Downloads 49M+
Android requires 4.0 and above

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What is FMWA Apk

It is a media sharing and chats application just like WhatsApp but it contains much more features than WhatsApp messenger. It provides an extra advantage for its users over the people who are using simple WhatsApp, as we allow know that where there are some benefits there must be some disadvantages but don’t worry if the benefits are much greater than the disadvantages then it is better.FMWA 8.95 apk.FM has many more features and qualities which I am going to tell you.

FMWA 8.95 Apk Latest Version Download For Android

How To Download And Install FMWA 8.95

You might face problems in finding this application through the play store and apple store because of some security issues, safe users don’t want this application on the play store and apple is always known for its security and privacy, but don’t worry I will provide you the link from where you can find and download this application. So let’s follow some steps

  • Once you have clicked the, your downloading process will start.
  • After the downloading is complete, go to the file manager and search for the downloaded file.
  • Click the downloaded file and press the next button and then the install button.
  • After the installation is complete, your file will be ready.
  • Enter your number here and enjoy using the app.


Media Sharing

Here is the answer to your question that how can you share large media files like the 50 above pictures and 50 min mark recorded lecture, yes you are reading true information in the FMWA 8.95 apk.FM allows its users to share large media files and to make their lives easier, especially the student community is much more beneficial here. This facility is not available on WhatsApp messengers, on WAM you can share only limited files which might be beneficial for some users but not for many users. So this problem of note sharing between you and your friend is solved.

Unidentified Message

Consider the case  your teacher asks you to make an assignment of 500 words on a specific topic and to avoid plagiarism the teacher asks you to send the assignment online so he can check it through online plagiarism checker like Grammarly, but he asks in class and writes his number on the board but you don’t want to save his number might be because you didn’t like him so what would you do in that case?

Don’t worry FMWA allows you to send your assignment without saving the number of your teacher. This facility is not available on WhatsApp messenger, in WAM you first have to save the number.

Immobilize Forward Tags

Here is another interesting and most liked feature of FMWA which allows, users, to send messages from their brother to sister without any tag of forward, this feature is much more beneficial for those siblings who always fought. Friends who have trust issues are also going to benefit from this feature.

Spot Deleted Status

If your friend is mad at you and he didn’t want to show his status to you, but by mistake, he didn’t hide his status from you and after a few minutes removes his status just because you cannot see it. Are you able to see it? If you are using WhatsApp messenger you definitely cannot but if you are using FMWA you can see the delete status. Just imagine how big an advantage you have.

Spot Deleted Message

The guys who are in a relationship can better understand the importance of this feature or they might be understood. But let me tell those who don’t know that this feature allows you to read the deleted message if you hold on message for a few seconds.

Status Saver

If you like the status of one of your contact numbers but you didn’t want to ask them to send it to you because you don’t want him to free with you, or let him ask you some favor, so don’t worry FMWA 8.95 apk. FM didn’t let your ego fall, you just have to go to the setting and select the option of save status it will be saved automatically.


Are FMWA updates automatically?

FMWA is not offered by google and is not available on the play store so it didn’t update automatically.

Is FMWA safe?

This app is safe but the guarantee is not available because it is not from google it may bring viruses to your phone.


Share your data files with your friends without the tension of the size of the media files, save the status without letting the person know, read the deleted messages and make your life easier and more beautiful.

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