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Fs 18 Free Download ApkSometimes we wish that we are in a world that is totally different from what we are living in. Like that robotics world in which we even not have even time for our parents and ourselves and our family. Besides that, there should be some change like which is different from that office work. The people of the village think that we are lucky and we, in turn, Fs 18 Free Download Apk, think that the people of the village are lucky because their life is not difficult as ours and they have so much time to spend with their families. Our mind also needs some relaxation and that is why we think in a way that for some short time period of time there should be life in which we don’t have to put so much pressure on our minds. 

Just imagine a life in which you are waking up at 5:00 am and there is not any tension of meetings nor any assignment which you have to submit to your boss. but you are going in the fields and enjoying the fields and also taking care of your domestic animals and enjoying the fresh milk and eggs every day. Fresh also makes your lungs and health better. All the above things may not happen in real life or we need some big amount to shift our lives from industry to farm but it can happen in games. Thanks to the technology which gives us so much advantage. Yes, we are talking about Fs 18 free download apk. Let’s explore this app.

Fs 18 Apk Information

App name  FS 18 MOD apk
App size 156 MB
Appy by  Giants Softwares
Category  simulation
updated July 2022


What Is Fs 18 Free Download Apk

The app in which you can enjoy village life feels the importance of relations with families and friends. You are free to grow your own crops, rice, cotton, sugarcane, and all the other essentials of life. By playing this game you understand the difficulties of village people and get admired for their simplicity. Moreover, you can enjoy having your cows, milk, and hens by which you can obtain milk, eggs, and meat.

Fs 18 Free Download Apk [Farming Simulator] For Android - Unlimited Coins

There are different models of tractors that you can use to harvest your crops and make your grounds. You must have enjoyed playing sports cars and modern cars but here you can also experience driving tractors and i am sure you will love them. 

How To Download & Install Farming Simulator 18 Apk For Android

The game is easily available on the google play store, there is no need to change the settings of your phone to play this game. Simply follow a few steps with me to get access o this game.

  • Your desire will appear in front of you, click on the install button here.
  • When the downloading is complete, open the app and choose the settings according to your own choice.
  • Enjoy playing this game.


Harvesting Different Crops

If you didn’t get a chance in your life to harvest any crop then now you have the opportunity to do so. Just install the application and harvest your favorite crops like wheat, rice, and cotton. There are different methods and levels by which you can do so. The situation is just like the real world here, you just don’t have to harvest the crop but also had to sell it in the market. You also have to keep in mind which crops have the highest demand and which have the lowest demand. If you grow and harvest more crops then the demand then your supply will increase and the price will badly go down. So keep these things in mind.

Selling The Timber

The furniture in our house and all the elegant stuff are made of wood. IKEA the most famous furniture company is also famous for elegant furniture design and their products are so liable that they can be used for up to 30 years. What do you think, where do these brands get the wood from?. They get it from the people of the village and you can sell these woods to them and also can enjoy that experience.


You have the option to play with your family and friends. You can make a team in this game so have to enjoy it more.

Transporting Wood

Transporting the woods and other stuff has a separate fan base and enjoyment. You may have heard about trucking, the famous app by Pakistani entrepreneurs which is specially designed for solving transporting issues. You can also enjoy this business by playing this amazing game.

US Environment

All the maps and roads are US based. You are able to enjoy the US tour no matter in which part of the world yo ar living right now.

Safe And Secure

This game is totally safe and secure because you do not have to download it from any third part but directly from the google play store. There is not any threat of the virus being injected into your computer.

3D Graphics

Graphics are the heart of any game and in this game, you can enjoy the level of graphics that must be there.

Modern Levels

There are different levels that you can enjoy by playing this game. By crossing one level you can jump into another and unlock the new environment. There is an opportunity to learn something new at every level of this game.

Quick Control

There is not any difficulty to understand the controls of this game because guidelines about every single step are available here. In case you find it difficult to play this game you can concern youtube because there are a lot of videos available regarding this app.

Free to play

No fees or registration charges, just enjoy the game after downloading it.


A gaming application that is designed to enjoy some difference in people’s lives. This free game provides players to enjoy the life of villagers and enjoyment with their friends. You can download this application from the method mentioned above. I hope you will enjoy playing FS 18 free download apk. Best of luck!

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