Fun88 App Apk Download (Android Game) – Latest Version

Who doesn’t like sports I know you come here because you are also a sports lover. The article is all about the fun slot machine casino game for android named FUN88 APK . Many of cricket fans love you to watch cricket and also bet on it. The good news for you the game brings betting opportunities.

All you need to do is continue reading this article and I will tell you about the amazing features of this game.

Fun88 Apk App Information

Updated on 20 September 2021
Version 11.004.84
Downloads 1000+ Downloads
Download size 4.70 MB
Required OS Android 5.0 and up
Offered by Ruay online
Compatibility Easy

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What Is Fun88 Apk

With FUN88 APK DOWNLOAD you will get a chance to enjoy the additional features as compared to the normal version. You can get many free bonuses with the APK version and enjoy many unlimited features in the app.

You can play bet with almost 30 sports in the APK version of Fun88. The Apk version brings more fun as compared to the old normal version.

Fun88 Apk Download will provide you with many features of your interest.  You will get a chance to watch your favorite sports not only cricket but many more that includes

  • Soccer
  • Olympics
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Dart
  • Boxing
  • Hockey
  • Basketball

American Football

Not only you will get a chance to watch but you can also bet on your favorite games with your online friends and win the money.


Live Betting

Yes, you can bet live in FUN88 APP APK DOWNLOAD NEW VERSION. The process to bet will be really easy because the application is easy to use and is very friendly. The betting system comes up with two types

  • Single bet
  • Multiple bets

As soon as you are done with FUN88 APK LOGIN you will get two options for bet. The single bet option indicates that you can choose a team and bet on it. You can bet just once not multiple times as the name also indicates.

You will choose a team and bet on it only once if you win you will earn cash but if your elected team loose your cash will be deducted according to your bet price.

Multiple Bets

Multiple bets will give you the option to select a match once a match is completed either you win or loose with the start of the next match your next bet will start automatically. Although the feature has benefits as well as some loss too.

The good thing is that if you win the game your chance will increase to win a huge amount. The more bet you place the more you win the more you earn. But the bad thing or disadvantage is that if you loose a match you will lose all your score and it will be a great loss. So this feature is all on your luck.


The more you invest the more you will earn a bonus amount. On every huge transaction or investment in bets through a gaming account, you will get a 500 Indian rupee bonus.

this link is for the bonus. The money you invest will get doubled through this like if you invest 500 it will be 1000 with a bonus. Now, lets move toward the downloading and installing processes I will explain both processes in detail.

How To Download Fun88 Apk Betting App For Android

For FUN88 ANDROID APK DOWNLOAD follow the steps below.

  • Download on the given button
  • The link will take you to the website for android download
  • Click on download
  • Wait till the download ends.

How To Install Fun88 Apk Latest Version For Andriod

STEP 1: Once the above mentioned download ends next step is the installation process.

STEP 2: Go to your android settings.

STEP 3: Search for the menu.

STEP 4: Find and enable unknown resources in menu settings.

STEP 5: Allow to enable unknown resources.

STEP 6: Installing process will start.

STEP 7: Open the app and start playing.

Download And Install Fun88 Apk On Pc & IOS

  • You will get a download option
  • Click on it and wait
  • Downloading needs some time

Installation Process

Installing steps is easy just follow my instructions. Make sure to delete the previous version if you are an old user.

  • Open blue stack on your iOS or pc.
  • Search for the downloaded link there.
  • Click on the install option.
  • Once you click on install a notification will pop up in your device.
  • Click on it and go to your device settings.
  • Allow installation for enabling resources.
  • The installation will starts.
  • Wait till installation ends and then open the app and sign up.

How To SignUp Fun88 Account For Android/Pc/IOS

FUN88 APK LATEST VERSION needs you to sign up to use the application. If you are an old user mention your old registration id but if you are new you need to create your registration ID. You will see a join now option on the right corner of the app. Click on it. Now you will be given some queries to fill them.

  • Fill in your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Your account for where you want to connect for a bet
  • FUN88 APP DOWNLOAD APK needs your Gmail account too so mention a Gmail account too.
  • Your registration is done
  • Sign up with your registered account
  • You are ready to play.



Yes, it is completely safe to use.


Yes, the application provides a full security sense without third party interference.


NO, it will use a normal battery just like other applications in your system.


An app where you can enjoy your favorite sports online. FUN88APK provided more than 30 online sports under a single platform. You can also bet there and can earn money. I have mentioned downloading and installing steps must be read them. Take care of fake links. Click the links I have provided.

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