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Gamezy App Download ApkWho don’t like sports? Rarely someone. Every person likes some type of sport and it’s fun watching sports. No think what if you can also earn by watching sports? Real fun. 

You must be confused now about what I am talking about. I am talking about GAMEZY 202APP DOWNLOAD APK where you can watch your favorite sports and also you can make earnings. 

Besides watching sports it will be more fun if you are the one who is playing.  You must be wondering what is Gamezy APK.

Gamezy App Download Apk | Latest Gaming App

The app is known as GAMEZY APP. This is an Indian app that was created after watching people madness about watching sports and playing live games and sports and where you can also earn. 

You can watch your favorite sports online and can play your favorite games online with your friends. Seems interesting right? To continue reading this article. 

The application is constructed where you can also earn while playing games. You can make money by gambling and bet. 

Gamezy Apk App Version & Size Detail

Version 9.0.2022082916 
Updated On 29 AUGUST 2022 
Donwload 1,000,000+ DOWNLOADS 
Download Size 48.27 MB 
Required OS  ANDROID 5.1 AND UP 
Release ON  24 OCT 2020 

 As you can see that the application has 1M+ downloads so what are you waiting for? Just download the app and start playing. I will mention the links and process for the download and installation of this application. 

About Gamezy App

The app provides you the facility to change 8 different languages. This makes it easy for people out of the country to play and understand the application policies. The 8 different languages include 

  • Telgu
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Bengali
  • Kannada
  • Gujarati
  • Tamil

GAMEZY FANTASY APP is the first ever online playing platform and the only platform till now that provides 8 different languages.  

The game is basically made for Indian population and the users are mostly Indians that’s why it contains more languages spoken in different areas of India. 

In this app, you can make your team and it’s up to you either you make teams with your friends or you make team with strangers you meet in the game. 

gamezy fantasy app

Making friends is easy on online gaming platforms you can easily team up with an online audience and make them your game partner. 

Why Gamezy Apk Not Just Gamezy Simple Version? 

I know you are thinking about what is GAMEZY APP APK and why you should download APK, not the simple version. 

The APK version of Gamezy app will provide you with unlimited features and will work better than the normal version. 

Top Best Features Of Gamezy App


1st time ever in history an application is providing 6 different languages. The app is till now the only app that provides 6 different languages So you can get a better gaming experience. 

gamezy app language

Earn More

You can get more chances to earn with the APK version as the APK version gives you much more chances to earn and will give you more deals so you can earn more coins. 

gamezy pro apk


Why You Can’t Get Gamezy Application On Playstore? 

  • GAMEZY FANTASY APP DOWNLOAD is not possible on the google play store 
  • Google play store has some privacy policies that don’t allow online earning. That’s why the GAMZEY APP LOGIN is restricted on google play store 
  • But you don’t need to stress about it because I will provide a link to download the application 
  • The link is completely safe and will not harm your device 
  • The link will not cause any hacking activity and will not affect your device 
  • Don’t think much and click the link I provided in this article and enjoy the game. 

gamezy app free download

How To Download Gamezy App On Android? 

Get GAMEZY RUNNY APP DOWNLOAD on your android by following the steps below 

  • Click the above-mentioned link.
  • You will get the download option 
  • Click on download 
  • It will take a few minutes to be patient 
  • Once downloading ends your download process is completed 

How to Install For Android? 

Keep reading the steps and you will be successful to install in your device. 

STEP 1 – Once above-mentioned download ends keep in mind to accept cookies. It will protect your device. 

STEP 2 – If you have a previous version install make sure to uninstall it. 

STEP 3 – If you don’t uninstall the previous version you will not be able to download the new version.  

STEP 4 – Then go to your android settings and click the menu button. 

STEP 5 – Search for downloading unknown resources. 

STEP 6 – Enable unknown resources it will allow the app to install. 

STEP 7 – Once the application is installed open it and create your id. 

STEP 8 – Now select your team and favorite game. 

 STEP 9 – You are ready to play. 

How Can You Download For PC/ WINDOWS? 

Follow steps mentioned below 

  • Tap the link that is mention above
  • The link will take you to the download option 
  • Click download 
  • Wait for a few seconds until the download finish. 

How To Install For Windows? 

Read the steps and follow  

STEP 1- Open blue stack emulator 

STEP 2- If you don’t have bluestack emulator you need to download it. 

STEP 3- Once you have downloaded blue stack emulator open the app and click on its home screen. 

STEP 4- Get GAMEZY CRICKET APP from their official website. 

STEP 5- Uninstall GAMEZY OLD VERSION APP DOWNLOAD. If you don’t uninstall the old version the APK version will not work on your device. 

So, it is really important to delete the old version. 

STEP 6- Next step is simple. Simply click the install button. 

STEP 7- Wait until the app is installed. 

STEP 8- Open the app and login into it. 

STEP 9- The application will guide you further. You will get a proper guideline and after completing all the processes you are ready to play the game. Team up and enjoy. 

  • The method is the same for IOS. If you want to install it in your IOS just follow the guidelines of the installation process for pc/ windows. 

How To Use Referral Code Of Gamezy Application? 

  • Once your installation process is done it’s time for GAMEZY APP REFERRAL CODE. 
  • Enter code EBONUS10 in the application. 
  • Next step is entering your phone number and they will send a code on the mentioned number to verify. 
  • Complete steps of entering your email and other details that the app requires. 
  • Now verify your Gmail through code provided. 
  • All steps are done and you can play the game. Your registration is complete and you are allowed to play. 



Yes, GAMEZY app gives real money. 


Installing process for android / iOS /windows is mentioned above. 


Yes, it is a good app and you will enjoy playing it. 


Yes, you can win money on gamezy app by playing games on the bet and by gambling. 


You can add money using your debit card and bank accounts. Or you can win money and it will be added to your account. 


It is an app for watching live sports and playing live games and winning money. 


Maybe your verification is not completed or you have downloaded the wrong link. 


Downloading links for android and pc are mentioned above. Click on the link and steps mentioned in the article. 


GAMEZY APP DOWNLOAD APK is a very interesting game and it will never let you bored.  You can watch live sports channels and win money easily. You can also play online games and make friends online.  Be careful and don’t download fake links as many sites provide links and then they hack your device. 

I have provided the links above click on them and the download process will be secure.  I hope this article will be helpful for you. 

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