I Am Fish Apk [Game 2023] Free Download For Android & PC

I Am Fish Apk [Game]Where are the aquatic life lovers? Knowing about life on earth is pretty much interesting but getting informed about life down the earth is much more interesting with I Am Fish Apk. One more thing which I had to mention here is that it is not only about collecting information about aquatic life the interesting thing is about experiencing that life. I know that it costs so much amount that everyone cannot afford it. 

There are many applications available on the play store and the internet which allow you to experience your desired life in the form of videos, games, and books. We are discussing one of the best games to help individuals know about the fish and to experience how they live. Yes, I am talking about the I am fish apk.

This game is liked by many people but they find it difficult to download for free. I am also going to tell you how can you download it for free. So stay active with me.

I Am Fish Apk Information

App name  I am fish
App size 20.6MB
Developers DEVXPRO
Downloads 10,000+
Version 1.2

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What is the I Am Fish Apk

A logical and adventurous game that can be played with a clever and clear mind. Three companions are with you, the goldfish, pufferfish, the piranha. The main responsibility of the player in this game is to take the fish from the bowl and reunite her with his family in the sea in a small city in England. 

I Am Fish Apk [Game] Free Download For Android & PC

In this journey there are a lot of hurdles sometimes the route you followed may be blocked at some point, and you have to calculate proper physics before entering the sea. There are a lot of sharks and dangerous creatures, you also have to be aware of them.

Overall it’s an entertaining and congenial game. It also helps individuals, especially students and children to sharpen their minds and learn something new.

How To Download And Install The I Am Fish Apk For Android

Either you have to purchase this game in the form of a CD from the market or download it from a third-party source. This game is not available on the play store. To download it for free you can follow some steps given below.

  • Click on the download link given below
  • Once the downloading is complete then allow your phone or laptop to install it.
  • Go to the menu, setting, and then unknown sources. This will ask permission to download apps other than the play store. Give him a positive response.
  • There is the next button, click on it and then the install button.
  • The app will now be on your pc or laptop. Enjoy the game!



Any player from any part of the world can play this game. There is no language barrier in the I am fish apk. The developers of this game made it very easy to understand for everyone. Now no, matter if you are Indian, Arab, or Sikh, if you are not able to understand the English language then you can play this game in your own language. 

Trouble-free to use

There is an option for help in almost every game. This game also had this option. If you are facing any difficulty in playing this game or you are not able to understand its controls and mission, then you can go to the help section. There is a detail of every single move. So hopefully you will not face any difficulty in playing this game.

Moreover, the controls are also simple in this game. You can learn in one or two games how to play the game and become the pro player of the game.

Frolic As Fish

Fantasy lovers stay alert! I know that you want to try something new in this life, What if you become fish from a human? Obviously, this cannot happen in real life and this is also not good, but for a small period of time, just to experience new things. I am fish apk will provide you that opportunity. So download this game to experience new things.

Scrupulous knowledge

There is a lot to learn from here. You learn something new every minute in this game. So, this application is not toxic to health and mind but is played for a limited time. It doesn’t mean that you are playing a game for 12 hours and say to yourself I am learning something new.

You can get the realization of fish life and how they live and interact and communicate with other creatures in the sea. How the sea is the best habitat for them and much more.

3D Graphics

No matter which game you are playing, the most important thing is the graphics of the game. Not even the content of the game or the adventure that you can experience in the game. This game will provide you that graphics and make your experience ten times better.

No ads

There are no ads in the game, you can play the game with full concentration without the chaos of seeing advertisements and wasting the time here. You can enjoy and make your life better and easy with this game.


The whole story of the I am fish apk relies on the fish, water, sea, adventure, and eagerness to learn something new. This game helps individuals to increase their knowledge and skills and sharpen their minds. Players have to face hurdles while completing the missions just like there are old tanks, ships, and oil containers and you have to stay far from them.

Fish must have to reunite with their families and you have to do anything to complete the mission, mysteries have to be solved, physics has to be calculated, and actions needed to be done.I am wishing you the best of luck to play the game and download it immediately and learn and enjoy at the same time. I hope you find this information beneficial.

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