Ibomma Telugu Movies Apk [2023] Free Download For Android

Ibomma Telugu Movies Apk FreeAre you a movie lover and searching for an app where you can get a collection of movies and watch them whenever you want? If yes you are on the right platform. ibomma telgu movies 2022 is an app where you can watch all your favorite movies under a single platform. An app where you can watch all your favorite movies under a single platform for free in Ibomma Telugu Movies Apk 2022.

You can watch online movies for free and can also download them and watch them whenever you want. Language is the main problem that nonnatives face while watching movies, shows, or dramas. The app provides you the facility of getting subtitles so that you can understand the content and enjoy the movie in your native language.

Stay with me till the end of the article so that you will also learn the downloading and installing process for the app.

Ibomma Telugu Movies Apk Information

App Name   Ibomma Telgu Movies  
Compatibility   Works on your device 
Virus   None  
Android required   5.0 and up 
Genre   Entertainment  
Version  2.1 for android  
Updated on 29 august 2022  
App by   IBOMMA  

Download Apk

As you have seen the details of Ibomma movies in telugu 2022 you have got much f ideas about the app. As you can see from the app info the app is for free and is applicable on your device if your system is android 5.0 and up. I will further explain about the app in detail so no confusion should be left in your mind.

What is Ibomma Telugu App – Watch Movies

ibomma telugu movies 2022 is an Indian app where you can watch all the movies under a single platform. In India the language and culture are diverse and sometimes it gets difficult to search Telugu movies or if you find out some movies in other languages it is hard to get their translation.

ibomma movies in telugu 2022 download will provide you the facility of subtitles in Telugu language so that you can enjoy and understand the content. ibomma Telugu movies’ new 2022 download is a very famous app. The app got popular due to releasing

  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • English

Movies and also providing subtitles in many different languages.

Those movies that are difficult to watch without a subscription and are available on platforms where you have to pay money Ibomma telugu movies new 2022 apk download is providing those movies for free so that the public can watch them.

The app is making all the moves available for the public which is difficult to watch.

What is Lbomma Telugu Apk – Latest Movies

The term apk must confuse you because with my google search the most asked question on google was about what is apk. So I decided to answer this question. Basically, the apk version works just like the premium version for nay app. You must have watched an option for premium in many apps especially gaming or editing apps.

Ibomma Telugu Movies Apk Free

The apk version works like that Ibomma telugu movies 2022 download with its apk version will provide you unlimited additional features that you can use forever. In premium, you have to buy a subscription every month but in apk version, you have to download it once and enjoy it forever.


Let’s have a look on some of the features of Ibomma 2022 telugu movies list.


You can enjoy a variety of different categories with Ibomma new telugu movies 2022. You can watch the movies according to your mood. The different categories available to watch the movies include:

  • Ibomma sports
  • Ibomma thrill
  • Ibomma action
  • Ibomma horror
  • Ibomma romantic
  • Ibomma science fiction
  • Ibomma comedy

Upcoming Moves

You will get a variety of upcoming movies with Ibomma telugu app. The list of movies that will be available on your screen is ready to release with their release date.

Currently, the moves which are about to release include:

  • Gandhi
  • Wakeel sahab
  • Krack
  • Pogaru
  • Master

And many more. You can check the whole list by downloading the movie through the links mentioned at the end of this article.

HD Quality

Watch movies with HD Quality prints. The HD screen and amazing colors with animation will enhance your experience with the app much more.

Low battery

The app will not consume much of your battery percentage s you can watch moves for longer period of time in your android set.

How To Download Ibomma Telugu Movies For Android

  • Click the below-mentioned link to get the app download
  • The link will take you to download site
  • Click the download option
  • Wait till the download ends

Ibomma Telugu Movies Apk Free Ibomma Telugu Movies Apk Free Ibomma Telugu Movies Apk Free Ibomma Telugu Movies Apk Free

How To Install Ibomma Telugu App For Android

  • Must delete the old version to install the apk version of this app
  • Now click to install
  • The device policy will restrict the install
  • Go to settings and search for unknown resources
  • Enable unknown resources
  • The app will start installing.

Download & Install Ibomma Telugu Movies App For Pc

  • · Click to download
  • · The app will start downloading ad wait till it ends
  • Just like you did for android uninstall the old version
  • Now open bluestack
  • Search for your downloaded link there
  • Click to install
  • When you click install you will see a notification on your screen
  • Open it and it will take you the settings
  • Find unknown resources and enable it
  • The app will start installing.


Is the app safe to use?

Yes, the app is legal and safe to use

Will it disturb my device’s privacy?

No, it will not require your private information and the device policy will be protected.

Will it consume too much battery percentage?

The app only requires the battery percentage like other normal apps on your device.


Get Ibomma telugu movies 2022 and enjoy the amazing experience of watching movies for free with your friends and family. Get options for different language subtitles and understand the content. Download the app either for android or pc from the links above as they are original links and keep your device protected from fake links.

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