Imod Pro Apk Free Download For Android – Latest Mod Version

Imod Pro Apk Free DownloadWant to make your phone look cool? In search of themes but those you like are way expensive?. I know you are facing these problems because you are reading this article so here comes some good news for you Imod Pro Apk. I am going to tell you about a cool app in this article that will help you to make your mobile phone smart and cooler than ever.

Download Imod pro apk and get the themes and colors that you want all for free. Yes, you can now use all the themes and colors on the screen that you liked but left due to Huge costs now you can get them for free with this app. Change themes and also your font size and style and make your phone look stylish without paying a single penny for it. Lets talk about the app information and then we will move next.

Imod Pro Apk Information

App name   Imod app pro 
File type  Apk file type 
Compatibility   Works on your device 
System required   Android 3.4 and above 
Version   V3.2.1 
Windows required  Windows 7 
Cost   Null  
Virus   Null  


What Is Imod Pro App 

As you must have known oppo has released a lot of themes and font styles on their oppo store and users are enjoy that unique feature. But those having no oppo phone are suffering from the lack of themes and wanted to get those themes in their system too. 

But when they go on different sites and want to equip any theme the theme requires a good amount of cost to get downloaded and implement on your system. Imod pro apk latest version download has solved this problem by providing free themes and font styles for those who are worrying about it. 

Imod Pro Apk Free Download For Android - Latest Mod Version

The roots will not get any effect and the themes get changed on your phone easily. You can also customize the themes by yourself. You can select the background, colors, and animations and what kind of picture you want on that theme all by yourself with Imod pro apk. 

This tool is basically designed for android users so that they can also enjoy the fun themes which oppo stores are providing. But no just android you can get the app download in windows too. 

Yes! The links for window downloading are also available so those using pc can also equip themes on the pc screens of their own choice. It will be so cool and fun when you make a theme by yourself and apply it on your mobile screen everyone will surely love it and you can proudly say that you made it. 

What Is Imod Pro Apk

There are a huge amount of questions on google search about what is apk or what is this app apk version. So I thought to clear this doubt for you too so I will be explaining about apk in this paragraph so don’t leave it here. 

I will suggest you delete the Imod pro apk old version and get download the latest apk version of this app. First, you need to know that almost every app have apk version but the apk version is not developed by real game developers. Because the app s not developed by real developers so it is not available on the google play store. But you can get it easily downloaded from different sites on google. 

To make things easy for you I will attach the links for android and pc below so you don’t have to roam all around google to find the apk version. The apk version will unlock all the premium features for free and for those fonts and themes you have to pay cost now you can use them for free with apk download. 



The software is user-friendly and doesn’t matter if you are a noob or a pro using the android system you can equip the themes easily. 


You can customize the themes and can select colors, font size, and theme design by yourself. 

Lock screen 

Make your lock screen look different from others don’t make your phone lock screen boring and add some interesting features to it. Customize your lock screen theme and apply it and grab everyone’s attention when they see your phone. 


You can also set message notifications by setting them in the style you want. The message notification appears like a bubble or some other type choose whatever you want. 

How To Download Imod Pro Apk For Android

  • If you open the link below it will take you to download the site 
  • When the site opens look foe the download option 
  • Click download 
  • It will take a few minutes 


How To Install Imod Pro App For Android

  • Go to your phone’s app 
  • If you are already a user the old version must be there 
  • Uninstall the old version 
  • Go to settings 
  • Search for unknown resources from the menu 
  • Enable unknown resources 
  • Click install 

Download & Install Imod Pro Apk For Pc

  • Just like you did for android uninstall the old version of this app 
  • Download bluestack 
  • Enable unknown resources to form settings 
  • Search for a downloaded link in bluestack 
  • Click install 


Is Imod apk pro safe to download? 

Yes, the app is no doubt safe to use. 

Will the app damaged roots?

No. The app doesn’t have a direct connection with the roots so don’t worry.

Will the app cause damage to the battery?

No, the app will not affect the battery percentage.


Download Imod pro apk and add interesting features to your mobile phone. Get rid of those boring themes and add new and cool themes by customizing yourself. Download the app and apply the themes for free. Safe links for pc and windows download are attached above so you have to face no problem. 

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