Movies Flix Apk Free Download Latest Version [2022]

movie flix apkWant to convert your boring time into fun time? Or are you finding best app where you can enjoy watching movies with ease? 

Download movies Flix apk where you will get chance to watch thousands of channels that will never come to an end. 

Yes the app will provide you unlimited channels that you will get tired of wtaching but the channels will not end. 

The article is all about the best movie watching app and beside watching moves you can also watch live shows and tv channels including sports channels there. Watch web series and short films with ease by downloading this app. 

Don’t worry about the download and don’t go on other sites in search of the downloading link just continue reading this article. You will get downloading links for pc and android at the end. 

Lets have a look on the app information 

Movies Flix Apk SIze & Version Detail

App name   Movies Flix app 
App type   Apk file type  
Android required   System 4.2 and above  
System   Updated  
Version   V2.02 
Category   Entertainment  
Cost   Free  
Virus   None  

Download Apk

What Is Movies Flix App? 

If you are in search of best movie watching app then you must get moviesflix pro apk. The app will allow you access to unlimited number of movies that you can enjoy watching in free time. 

movie flix apk download

Get moviesflix – free download and enjoy watching movies of every genre that suits your mood. 

You will get huge category of movies including 

  • Horror 
  • Fear 
  • Science fiction 
  • Animated 
  • Funny 
  • Action 
  • Comedy 
  • Thrill 
  • Serious 
  • Romantic 
  • Hindi dubbed 
  • Kids shows 
  • Tamil  

Beside this you will also get a list of languages to choose the subtitles and then watch movies having the selected language subtitles. 

This will allow you enjoy the experience much more. 

The languages will include

  • Hindi 
  • Tamil 
  • English 
  • Gugrati 
  • Hollywood 
  • Bollywood 
  • Urdu 
  • Marathi 
  • Spanish 
  • Chinese 
  • Korean 
  • Japanese 
  • Telugu 
  • Punjabi 


Make your weekend joyful having fun while watching movies with your loved ones or alone with moviesflix verse. 

What Is Movies Flix App Apk? 

Now lets come to the movies Flix Hd apk. If you don’t know about the apk version then be happy because you are going to learn about it shortly. 

The apk version is the best choice and first choice of the users. Users loves to experience the apk version as the apk version brings all the comfort which someone have wished for. 

Moviesflix apk latest version will provide you all the facilities which you have dreamed for so continue reading the article and learn about the apk version. 

  • The apk version will allow you to enjoy premium features for free 
  • Yes you can unlock all the premium features with the apk version and can enjoy at its best. 
  • The features unlocked with apk will be unlimited 
  • You don’t need to subscribe every month to continue using the apk features 

movie flix app

Apk Background 

The apk version is not avilable on google play store as the apk is not developed by the real developers of the game. 

The apk version is developed by many software experts as they find an app which is in most use by the users and they decide to developed its apk version. 

Every app comes up with the apk version by IT experts. The apk version require changes in coding which is not easy or even possible for you and me who don’t have IT knowledge. 

So thanks  to experts who made it easy for us. 

Features Of 


You can watch the movies absolutely for free and also download the apk version fro free 


You can download movies to watch them later 


You can have access to downloaded movies even if you are offline 


You will not find difficulty to understand the movie because you will get subtitles in many languages. 

Virus free 

Their will be no virus with the app download in your device. 


The app will not effect your battery percentage. It will use normal amount of battery just like either apps in your mobile. 

Hd quality 

Enjoy watching movies with HD quality print. Enjoy the amazing experience with amazing screen quality.

How To Download For Android? 

  • Open the link above and it will take you to the downloading site 
  • When you find out download option on downloading site click on it 
  • Wait till download ends.

How To Install For Android? 

  1. Make sure to uninstall the old version 
  2. Now open settings 
  3. Search for unknown resources from menu 
  4. Enable unknown resources to allow permissions 
  5. Click install 

How To Download For Pc? 

  • Click the link above 
  • It will open download tab on screen 
  • Click download 
  • Don’t go back till download ends 

How To Install For Pc? 

  1. Just like you did in android uninstall the previous version of this app 
  2. Download blustack 
  3. Enable unknown resources form settings 
  4. Search for downloaded link in bluestack 
  5. Click download 


Is movies Flix easy to download? 

Yes the app is easy to downloaded and you can read downloading process for android and pc from above. 

Is moviesflix safe? 

There is no doubt that the app is safe to use. 

Will it have privacy policies? 

Yes, the app provides privacy policy terms and cookies. Accept cookies and your privacy will be protected. 

Is the app avilable for pc? 

Yes, the app is also avilable for pc download with apk version. 

Will it damage my system? 

No there will be no harm to your system. 


Get the best movie-watching app movies Flix apk and enjoy by making your free time into fun time.  You can watch movies alone as well as with your friends and family on android tv.  The app is available for android and pc. For your ease I have mentioned the links above for pc and android download. 

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