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My 11 Circle App DownloadMy 11 circle app download through which you can earn money by playing cricket. You just have to use your cricket knowledge and analytical skills. In this game, you create your own team of 11 players and make a strategy to win the game. 

To compete with others you need to create your own team. And this team will be made using 100 credits. In my 11 circle you will earn real money. Plus there are deposit bonuses in it. But there will be some conditions with it.

My 11 Circle App Download Version & Size Details 

App name  My 11 circle
App size  39mb
Offered by  My 11 circle
Requires android  4.4 and up
Version  5100.5
Last updated on Aug 26, 2022


What is My 11 circle?

My 11 circle is an app through which you can play and earn money from it. In my 11 circle download app you will simply create your own team and choose the captains and vice captains of each team. And your team will be ranked accordingly on board. 

my 11 circle

Steps to download and install MY 11 circle?

  • step1) click on the download link of my 11 circle and your downloading will automatically start.
  • Step 2) open the file location where the app is downloaded.
  • Step 3) now click on the app and your installation will begin.
  • Step 4)during installation a box will appear in front of you, click on the allow unknown sources.

my 11 circle registration


  • Step 5)  Now open the app and enjoy!

Features of my 11 circle

There are a lot of features of my 11 circle apk but here we will highlight only a few of them. So the list of features is given below:

  • Safe and secure  

My 11 circle is 100% safe and secure. All the transactions done on my 11 circle will be confidential and highly secured.

  • Friendly user app 

 The iterace of my 11 circle is simple and easy to use. The interface is designed in such a way that even if there is a new beginner, he can easily use it without any problem. 

  • Earn by playing and referrals 

 When you register with my 11 circle app, it will provide you a unique referral number. Thus every time you refer to a person and he runs the application you will get money. You will get an instant 50 rs when you refer a person. Plus if that person uses this application then you will also get more money. So in simple terms you can earn up to 550 rupees per person referrals. 

  • Coin offer:

Recently my 11 circle launched a coin offer where you will get a bonus whenever you join a paid contest. For Example every time you join a contest you will get a bonus with ratio 200:1. You can get this bonus in any prize pool leagues.

Other features:

  • You can use the practice mode to train yourself in my team 11 circle app download.
  • You can have a private contest with your friends and family.
  • My 11 circle provides you to earn money by inviting others.
  • My 11 circle provides you with regular promotions and offers. Which makes this app more interesting and amazing.
  • More than 5 million downloads of this app show how many people trust this app.
  • You can withdraw your money immediately. 
  • You can create your own tournament 

Bonuses In My 11 Circle

Here is the list of bonuses that you will get on every time you deposit money:

  • 1500 bonus cash in deposits of rs 1000.
  • 500 bonus cash on deposits of rs 500.
  • 150 bonus cash on deposits of rs 200.
  • 50 bonus cash on deposits of rs 100.

However to get this bonus there are certain terms and conditions. That is you will get these deposits only one time. And it will be released in parts. If you didn’t claim your bonus within a given period of time then no additional bonus will be added to your account. 

How To Withdraw Cash?

You can withdraw cash from my 11 circle easily & it’s stress-free. So here are the followings steps through which you can easily withdraw money:

Step 1) open my 11 circle app and go to my “my account page”.

Step 2 ) then click on the withdraw cash.

Step 3) enter the amount you want to withdraw.

       ( to withdraw money from my 11 circle app download your id should be verified. If your id is not verified then you won’t be able to withdraw money. You can simply verify your id by uploading a pic of your id from the profile section. Following are the ids that you can submit aadhar card, passport, and driving license.)

Step 4) Now click on the withdrawal and your money will be transferred immediately. 

             ( Note: minimum withdrawal amount is 100 rupees.)

Minimum Requirements For My 11 Circle

To run this application here is the following list to run this application:

  • The android version of your device should be 5.1 or up.
  • At least 2 gb ram or more.
  • Good internet connection


How do I update my 11 circle?

My 11 circle update by simply going to the playstore and clicking on the menu. Here a list appears in front of you. Click on my apps and games. Now the apps will appear in front of you which need to be updated. Now click on the update option next to my 11 circle.

How do you play 11 circles in English?

  1. Open my 11 circle and select the match under the match establishment. 
  2. Now create your own team by selecting 11 players off both teams using 100 credits.
  3.  Now select the captains of each team and a vice-captain also. You can also preview how your team looks. Once your team is finalized, click on the save option.
  4.  Now choose free or cash contests. It depends on which you want to play. 
  5. After this, you can see your rankings on the leaderboard. That’s all you are ready to play and win.

Which is better: my 11 circle or dream 11?

Well, dream 11 is a more established platform. It has more competition in smaller and grand leagues. However, my circle 11 app is best for earning.

How do I delete my 11 circle account ?

If you delete your profile, it will permanently delete your account. You can simply go to the menu and click on delete profile. Now click again to confirm that you want to delete your account. After this, your account will be deleted.


My 11 circle is simply an app through which you can earn money online. You have to use your cricket knowledge and skills in order to win here. You can also earn money by referring someone. My 11 circle is secured and easy to use. Its withdrawal process is hassle-free. Moreover, my 11 circle offers you a bonus over that if you deposit money. If you are a cricket lover and want to earn money then my 11 circle app download from the link.

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