Nicoo Apk [2023] Download For Android – Latest Version

Nicoo Apk Download Playing games is great fun, and if someone can play any game he wants, then he must be a lucky human being. Most of us don’t understand and appreciate this opportunity. It was right that playing games are great fun but if someone’s mother doesn’t allow him to play games for more than 1 hour or 30 mins. This individual will be discouraged because to become a pro in the game Nicoo Apk Download you have to spend time with it.  The argument from mothers is that if we don’t study we will not be able to have a bright future.

We all must go to school and try to learn something new every day but it is not necessary that we all have to score eighty, ninety, or hundred percent. It is okay to have seventy percent and enjoy the rest of your life. Like it is necessary to study after school, what you have learned in school is enough but should be focused on. Now what we have to do after school, like we have seven free hours, and guess what we are going to do in these hours. Yes, we are going to play Garena free fire with the help of the Nicoo apk download. Hey! Wait-free fire is heard but what is Nicoo app. All of the answers are going to be answered below, so stay tuned with me for information.

Nicoo Apk Information

App name Nicoo app
App size 13.5 MB
Version 1.5.2
Downloads 100,000+
Update Feb 2022


What is Nicoo Apk Download

It is the app that is used to get more benefits while playing free fire. By using this app players have a chance to get extra lives, tools, and benefits which other players do not have.SHHH! Don’t tell anyone but we are cheating by installing this app. Just imagine you are playing with a pro player and he always is a winner but after installing this app your friend is just shocked what are you doing with him?

Nicoo Apk Download For Android - Latest Version

The more important thing is that you do not have to pay for playing this game. It is free and you can install it now immediately but before that let’s explore some more features and details of this app and the process to download this app.

How To Download And Install Nicoo Apk For Android

Some applications are easy to download but some are not don’t worry I am telling you the easiest way to install this app, just follow the steps with me to get this amazing app.

  • Make sure you have good equipment to play this game, like a laptop or computer or a smartphone, and a good internet connection.
  • As this app is not available on the play store so it can’t be downloaded as another app.
  • You have to change phone settings to get access to this app.
  • Go to the settings of your phone and search for unknown sources.
  • Now ho the permission option.
  • Now allow the other sources to download something on your phone.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Now click on the install button and the further process will continue.
  • Your app is completely downloaded and now you can play it and enjoy it.



There are some best features and among them are the hats. Hats can be used for different purposes as protection, it prevents us from being directly hit by the enemy. You have an advantage over your enemy because he doesn’t have this advantage. It also makes you good and attractive. There are different kinds of hats that you can use and each one has some specific advantage over others. But the most important thing is that all these advantages are for you. You can use it for your benefit.


Every kind of weapon is available here, but not for your enemy these weapons are only for you, you are the one who can benefit from these things. Normally there is a limited number of weapons with limited ammunition, if you use all of your ammunition is used up then you can do nothing but with the help of this app, you can use every weapon unlimited times.


Look what you want to look like, you can hide with the help of costumes. These costumes can only be found by you and your enemy does not have access to these things so the advantage is only available to you and you can use them against them and become the winner against the player or maybe a team.


Hide your identity from your enemies and killed them without letting them know what has happened. Masks are not available in the original free fire game they can only be found in this app. So grab the opportunity and install now this app.


You may have noticed the superboards in subway surfers and temple run but you don’t know that these superboards are also available in the free fire but only when you installed this application.


What a beautiful feature it is. You are flying up high in the sky and see your enemies killed one by one. Parachutes are only available for you, your enemy is not able to get this opportunity.

Easy To Use

This application is so easy to use, first of all, you will not face any difficulty but still, if you feel that you are not able to play the game efficiently then you can contact customer service and ask about any difficulty.  


There is no need to pay for this app, just installed the app and use it for free.

No Ads

You will not be disturbed by any ads in this application. Normally you are forced to see the ads but there is an opportunity that you can use it without any ads.


Play your favorite game Garena free fire with an advantage over your enemy by using the Nicoo apk download Enjoy the benefits which your enemy does not have.

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