OneTo11 Apk Download For Android | Fantasy Game (IPL Matches)

As the craze of playing sports and watching them online is increasing the number of applications and platforms are also increasing allowing you to earn low cash. Worried about this as you get a little chance now to win due to a lot of people playing and betting and the online platforms OneTo11 Apk Game And Fantasy Apps are all filled with cricket lovers.

Don’t worry about this issue as I am here to guide you and tell you the ways to get advantages as you get in the past. You need to download the OneTo11 APK application on your device. The article is all about winning from online platforms and making your place there stay tuned and continue reading

OneTo11 App Details And Apk Information

SIZE 30.1 MB
UPDATED ON 2 December 2020

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What Is OneTo11 Game

OneTo11 is a fantasy app where you can play online games and win. The application will allow you to choose the sport of your choice and bet on it and win cash if you win. Further, the application also gives you match predictions to help you in betting. You will make a virtual team in this app. Like you make a cricket team virtually and started playing against your enemies.

You will be given different options to choose your

  • Bowler
  • Keeper
  • Batsman
  • Empire
  • Wicket-keeper
  • All rounder

Make a team and enjoy.

What Is OneTo11 Apk

With the increasing craze of using online platforms for gaming and winning cash is increasing day by day. Due to this increasing number of people using this platform is also increasing. Which is affecting your chances to win.

OneTo11 app brings many facilities for you so that you can play and earn easily. ONETO11 APK DOWNLOAD will provide you with additional features so you can get a better gaming experience. The APK version comes up with many facilities that you can not enjoy with the old version.

The APK version gives you many more options and features and will not let you bored.

Key Features Of OneTo11 App

Easy To Use

OneTo11 Fantasy App is constructed in a way that if you are not an expert in using an android system or a pc and not an expert in using online gaming applications you can use this app easily. The application is very friendly to use. It provides you with easy and simple rules and options or methods to use. You will face no problem using it.

Available For All Devices

The great app OneTo11 Apk Download is available for all devices either android or pc. You can use this app easily on your pc in the past too but the updated version made it easy to play on android too. So enjoy the feature to play on android.

Isn’t the app amazing? I know you have developed much interest in downloading the app. Keep reading and stay with me I will guide you all about it.

Low Competition

The competition on this application is very low as compared to other apps So what are you waiting for? download now.

Reference Bonus

Every time you refer the game to your friend and family you will get a bonus. Type the OneTo11 Referal Code and enjoy an amazing bonus. The code will be given to you when you refer the application to someone. You can earn a lifetime easily through this app.

Consume Less Data

The application understands your needs and it consumes less data as compared to many other applications available on many sites.

This feature makes it the best fantasy app. OneTo11 Apk is the only one app that takes care of the data policy of its users.

The other feature that makes it the best fantasy app is ONETO11 APP REFERRAL CODE. Share the app and enjoy an amazing bonus.

How To Download OneTo11 Apk Fantasy App For Andriod

  • Click the link mentioned below ·
  • The link will open a website
  • You will see a download option
  • Click on it
  • Downloading takes few minutes.
  • Have patience and wait.

How To Install OneTo11 Apk For Andriod

Follow the simple steps mentioned below.

STEP 1: When the above download ends you need to install the application.

STEP 2: Make sure to uninstall the previous version. This step is very important otherwise your installation will be declined.

STEP 3: Open your settings.

STEP 4: Check for option unknown resources in your menu settings.

STEP 5: Enable unknown resources.

STEP 6: The application will start installing.

STEP 7: Open the application.

STEP 8: Choose your team. You are ready to play.

Download & Install OneTo11 Apk For PC

  • Click the link up ·
  • You will get the download option
  • Click on it
  • Downloading will begins

Installation Process For PC

The most important step make sure to uninstall the previous version.

  • Open blue stack.
  • Search for the downloaded link.
  • You will see an install option
  • Click on install.
  • Once installation is done open the app.
  • Make your team of your own choice.
  • Start playing you are all set to play.

How To Play OneTo11 Fantasy Game

  • Once download and installation are completely open the app
  • Connect with your Gmail, Google, or Facebook account.
  • Select your team players and make up a team
  • Join different leagues
  • The game will start and you will start earning.



Oneto11 app is an online gaming app where you can choose your team, and start playing, and earn.


Oneto 11 APK is the best fantasy app.


Yes it is safe to use.


Absolutely not. Use it without any stress.


Best fantasy app ONETO 11 APK that provides you the facility to play online games while choosing teams and members of your own choice. You can also earn from this platform. Downloading and installing processes are mentioned and a guide to playing games is also mentioned above.


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