Phonepe Spoof Apk [2023] Download For Android – Latest Version

Phonepe Spoof Apk Download For AndroidIn today’s world, pranking someone physically might hurt them a lot. In the past few years, you can prank anyone physically and they won’t even mind. But that’s not the case today. You cannot prank anyone in today’s world physically. They might get offended or might even sue you with Phonepe Spoof .

But if you want to prank someone then use the phone spoof apk. Because with the help of this app you can show anyone that you are earning a lot. But in reality not. There are some other features in this app through which you can easily fool your family and friends. And in this article, we will discuss what are the other features of phone snoof through which you can fool your friends. 

Phonepe Spoof Apk Information

App Name  Phonepe Spoof Apk
App Size 25 MB
Version of app V 2.0.2
Android requires 4.4 and above
Last updated on 18 march 2022

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About Phonepe Spoof – Fake Payment App

Phonepe spoof  apk is basically an application that is made for the purpose of fun. Through phonepe snoof you can show friends and family transactions that you have a lot of money even though you got nothing. You can also change your voice of yourself through this app and fool others. There are some other features of Phonepe spoof that are similar to it.

Phonepe Spoof Apk Download

Steps To Download And Install The Phonepe Spoof For Android

The process for spoof phonepe apk download and installation is straightforward. You won’t find any kind of obstacle in downloading this app. Following are the steps given below in order to download this app.

  • Click on the download button and your downloading will automatically start.
  • After the completion of the download open the folder where the file is downloaded and locate it.
  • Now tap on the file and your installation will begin.  
  • During the installation process, there will be two options.
  • Now choose the allow unknown resources option.
  • After a few seconds, the installation will be complete. Now open the app and enjoy.

How To Download The Phone Spoof On The PC

The process for phonepe app download is simple for pc just like downloading for mobile. There are no hurdles or any kind of obstacles in it.  Just follow the simple steps given below in order to download the Phonepe spoof : 

  • In order to download the Phonepe spoof first you have to download the emulator. You can download any emulator from the internet.
  • Download the emulator and install it on your phone. 
  • Download the apk file and drag it to the emulator.
  • After a few times, the file will be loaded in the emulator and open the file and start enjoying. 


The features of phonepe spoof are really amazing. These attract everyone who wants to have fun. Here are the following features of phonepe soof given below :

Anonymous Phone Calls

  This feature is pretty amazing for phonepe spoof. In this feature, you can call anyone and your number will not be displayed. Only a caller id will be shown to the person to whom you are calling. You can easily tease them with this feature. And act like some girl or boy to tease them. 

Change voice 

Now, this is the best part of this app. With this feature, you can change your sound of yourself. And annoy other people. Through this feature, if you are a boy then you can act like a girl and tease your male friends. 

Sound Effects 

Sometimes when you don’t want to go somewhere and your friends call you. And you want to show them that you are busy somewhere. Then this feature is really for you. You can add different sound effects in the background. Like car noise, forests, and other sound effects. Through this, you can easily fool your friends. 

Fake Group Calls

In fake group calls features, you can have multiple friends or persons in a group. and while making group calls you can use other features like sound effects, and a change of voice. With this feature, if phonepe spoof the fun and the excitement will be doubled.

Record Your Calls

Phonepe spoof offers you to record your calls. While you make a call with anyone or any person you can record it and then tease them later. Like you call your male friend a girl. Then record this call and tease them later. This will be so much fun that will make your moments memorable.

Secure And Safe 

Now many people worry that this app might not be secure or this app might leak your data and get access to your phone. But that’s not the case. Phonepe spoof is completely safe and secure. All the data of your phone and all the calls you make will be completely secure. 


Is this app safe and secure?

Yes, the phonepe spoof is absolutely safe and secure. And there is no doubt about that. Phonepe spoof is safe from all kinds of viruses. And it’s secure from all malware threats.

Is phonepe spoof is free?

Now many people think that the phonepe app download has so many features, so it will be an expansive app. But that’s not true. The phonepe spoof is completely free. There are no charges or any kind of subscription monthly or weekly involved. 


The purpose of creating the phonepe spoof apk is to have fun and enjoyment. This app is made for prankstars or for those who want to have fun. The features of this app attract every person. Because you are not only limited to changing your number but you can change or voice, record calls, and many other things.

And the best thing is all these features are completely free. Because of these features, the number of users of this app are increasing every day. If you want to prank your friend or family then download the phonepe spoof now. 

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