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Play Desi Tv Apk DownloadHi there! Yes, you ! are the one reading this article. I know your interest in films and series brought you here. If yes then congratulations because you are reading the right article. You have searched for the correct article that will be of your interest because this article is full of amazing information about watching online series at low rates or even for free with Play Desi Tv Apk . 

I have searched for an app after seeing a lot of people, especially in India facing issues with watching their favorite shows and series. Most people in India, especially in south India, face difficulty to watch their favorite tv channels or feel difficult to understand them due to language differences. 

Play desi tv apk is an app that is the solution to all your problems. Watch a huge collection of desi channels and his app absolutely for free. 

Play Desi Tv Apk

App Name   Play Desi Tv 
App compatibility  Works on your device 
Any virus  None  
Cost of app  Free of cost 
Category   Entertainment  
Android required   5.0 and above 
App size   57 MB 
App downloads  10000000+ 

Download Apk

What Is Play Desi Tv Apk – A Complete TV

As you can learn a little bit form the above information the play desi tv apk download will provide you to watch your favorite channels on a single platform. The app can be used with full ease and for free. 

There are certain apps available on the google play store that provide a series collection and many more features but watching the desi series is difficult. Other apps must have English series but not a wide collection of Indian series. Further, for those who understand Hindi and English, it would be easy for them but it is a great problem for Bengalis and mostly south Indians where 

  • Tamil 
  • Bengali 
  • Gujarati 
  • Marathi 

These languages are spoken by a wide range of communities. I will recommend you download play desi. Tv apk in order to get a good collection of moves in your native language. 

What Is Play Desi Tv App

You must have read the topic of this article about play desi tv apk. If you know about apk you can skip this part, but if you don’t have knowledge about apk continue reading. 

Play Desi Tv Apk Download

Let me explain to you about apk Apk is just the same as premium features and As you must have seen premium in certain apps 

What Premium Do

  • Premium will help you to get additional features in an app that is locked. 
  • In order to use those features you have to buy a subscription 
  • You have to pay a good money amount to buy a subscription to use those features 
  • Not everyone can afford a premium 


  • Apk is absolutely for free 
  • No need to re subscribe every month 
  • Get all the features like premium for free 
  • Enjoy those features for a lifetime 
  • Everyone can afford it. 
  • You can not get apk on the google play store 
  • It is available on different sites 

I think you must now better understand the apk version. Further, the apk is not developed by the real developers of an app. The apk version is developed by many IT experts. 


Let’s discuss some amazing features of lay desi tv online apk 

Connect With Tv 

You can easily connect this app with your android tv and watch your favorite series or shows on a big screen. 


Get many different language options to choose subtitles in it. Enjoy watching a movie in your native language so you can also understand it 


You will get a huge collection of desi movies and shows under a single platform. No other platform can be competent with the movie collection the play desi tv app provides. 


The app is all for free. Save your money for better use. 

Easy to use 

You will find no difficulty while using this app. It is built easy to use by everyone. 

HD Graphics 

If the graphics are good then your experience to watch movies will be good. Enjoy HD graphics and enhance your experience. 

Download & Install Play Desi Tv Apk For Android

  • Make sure to delete the old version. If you don’t do so you will be unable to get the new version 
  • Click to install 
  • You will get a notification 
  • Open it and go to the menu, settings 
  • Search fro unknown resources and enable it 
  • The app will start installing. 

Download And Install Play Desi Tv Apk For Pc

  • Click the button
  • Click to download 
  • Wait till the download ends 
  • Download bluestack
  • It is the only way to get the android app in pc 
  • Open settings and enable unknown resources 
  • Search for a downloaded link in bluestack 
  • Click to install 
  • The app will start installing. 

How To Sign In Play Desi Tv App

  • Sign in for this app is really easy and will take you a few steps 
  • After downloading open the app 
  • Fill in u required information 
  • Enter your name 
  • The apk will not require a phone number 
  • Enter your email 
  • You are signed in 


Is Play Desi Apk Tv Safe? 

Yes, no doubt that the app is safe to use 

How To Use Play Desi Tv App? 

just install it and start to watch


A lot of people mostly in India face problems watching all their native movies under a single platform. South Indians face this problem very much.  To solve these problems get Play Desi Tv apk download in your device and enjoy all movies under a single platform for free. Get the app using the apk above for android and pc. Stay safe from fake sites. Happy watching! 

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