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Poly Bridge 2 ApkPoly bridge 2 apk is a simulation game that is like an engineering puzzle game. Poly bridge has some low graphics but this game is full of fun and exciting. In poly bridges you have to create bridges across landscapes, rivers, and mountains. You will also construct bridges on the road and for pedestrians. At the start the game is easy but with the passage of time, the difficulty level will increase.

These levels will be completed by using some common sense and a little bit of physics knowledge. There will be a specific budget given to you in which you have to complete your project. Otherwise, you will go bankrupt and the project won’t be completed. This game has other exciting features that we will discuss in this article.

Poly Bridge 2 Apk Info

App Name Poly bridge 2 apk
App Size 181 mb
App version 1.46 v
Developer Dry cactus limited
Android Requires 6.0 and above 
Released on  Oct 1, 2020

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What is Poly Bridge Apk – Android Game

Poly bridge 2 apk is a simulation game in which you have to construct bridges. There will be a certain bridge giant to you in which you have to create the bridges. You will construct these bridges on the land, rivers, mountains, and some other places. This game will make you feel like constructing something real. 

Poly Bridge 2 Apk Download

How To Download And Install The Poly Bridge Apk

The process for Poly bridge 2 apk download and installation is straightforward. You won’t find any kind of obstacle in downloading this app. Following are the steps given below in order to download this app.

  • Click on the download button and your downloading will automatically start.
  • After the completion of the download open the folder where the file is downloaded and locate it.
  • Now tap on the file and your installation will begin.  
  • During the installation process, there will be two options.
  • Now choose the allow unknown resources option.
  • After a few seconds, the installation will be complete. Now open the app and enjoy.


The features of the poly bridge are pretty amazing. Here are the following features of poly bridge are given below 

Innovation In Design 

In poly bridge apk you will construct the bridge in many ways you want. It will depend on how you will construct the bridge. You will not create the bridge in just one way. It will be your common sense and use of physics that you will apply in constructing the bridge.

Work As A Financial Engineer

In poly bridge when you construct the bridge, there will be a certain budget given to you in which you will have to make the bridge. You will work as an engineer and choose which raw material and of which price should be used. All these things will depend on you. If you won’t be able to create the bridge in that budget then your money will be deducted.

Choice Of Materials In Construction

You can choose the materials in the construction of bridges. You can choose these materials according to your budget. These materials include stone, hydraulics, wood, metal slabs, woods, and many other types of materials. All these materials will be dependent on your budget. Remember these are the materials that will make your bridge stronger. Now it’s your choice how to construct it.

Music Effects

There is also some music added to this game. So you won’t get bored when you play the game. There are also game music effects like construction, driving, and nature which makes this a realistic game.  In the latest version of this game, the songs are remastered. There are also gentle acoustic guitar rhythms. 


The graphics of this game are simple. They are not like advanced one. But these simple graphics are created in such a careful way that every little detail is added like trees , water, river and birds. These small things made the game more realistic.

Different Locations And Vehicles 

In poly bridges, you can choose different locations to construct the bridge. You can choose the real locations like golden gate bridge Brooklyn bridge e.t.c. There are other real and fantasy places that you can choose to construct the business. You can customize your vehicles. There are more than 100 vehicles available that you can choose to play with. These include all cars, trucks, and boats. 


Is poly bridge 2 apk safe 

Yes, the poly bridge 2 free download apk is completely safe and secure. The poly bridge 2 apk does not contain any type of viruses or malware threats. Because this game is developed by the most trusted developers. So just download this game without any second thought. 

How to play the poly bridge 2 apk game? 

In poly bridge 2 free download, you can choose the certain location where you want to construct the bridge. There will be certain options available to you. And you can also choose which type of bridge you want. Then there will be a certain budget given to you from which you have to construct it.

There will be several types of materials given that you have to purchase with your money. And you have to use the basics of physics to construct the bridge.

Is poly bridge available offline? 

Yes, you can play the bridge offline in poly bridge 2 apk download for android. The games only need to connect to the internet for the leaderboards and online statistics.


The poly bridge 2 apk has over one hundred thousand users. And the current rating of this game is going about 4.8 out of 5 which shows how much people are loving this game. Because the features of poly bridges attract everyone. The interface and graphics are so simple that people of any age can easily play it.

The best part of this game is that it enhances your mid-power. Because you have to manage all the things and use your brain to predict which type of bridge you should make and at what cost would be required.

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