Prank Payment Apk App For Android – Fun With Friends

Prank Payment Apk App For AndroidPrank payment apk download is basically an app that is used to make fun with friends. By showing fake transactions. This app is mostly used for fun purposes. There are a lot more other features in this app that we will discuss later. However this app is only for fun purposes, don’t use it for other illegal purposes otherwise, you have to face the law.

And the developer of this community is not responsible for your actions.  You can show anyone huge transactions with this app and make them jealous. If you want to make fun with friends and enjoy the time then this app is for you. 

Prank Payment Apk App Details

App Name Prank Payment Apk
Size 9..7 mb
Version v1.15
Category entertainment
Developer Fun bots apps
Updated March 28, 2022

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About Prank Payment Apk – Free Download

Prank payment is developed by Divakar Maurya in which you can make fake payment screenshots. This application is quite popular among teenagers for fun purposes. You can show your friends a large number of transactions and fool them. But don’t use this app for illegal or unethical purposes.

Prank Payment Apk App For Android

Steps To Download And Install Prank Payment

The method for Prank payment apk download for android is very easy and simple. And there is no hurdle in downloading this app. Here are the following steps through which you can easily download this application.

  • Click on the download button of prank payment and your application will automatically start downloading.
  • After completing downloading go to the settings of your phone. 
  • Now click on the security and tap on unknown resources to enable it.
  • Now open the folder where the file is downloaded.
  • Click on the file and your installation will begin.
  • After a few moments, your installation will be complete. Now open the prank payment application and enjoy it with friends.

Prank Payment Screenshot Prank Payment Apk App Account Prank Payment Apk App Fun With Friend Prank Payment Apk App For Android

Prank Payment Apk Features – Fun With Friends

The features of the Prank payment apk download are very amazing and full of fun. Here are some features of the Prank payment app that make this app attractive to its users and that they enjoy it more.

No Payments

Prank payment download the latest version is totally free and there are no charges involved in it. You can make large transactions for free and have fun with friends. Even the downloading and installing of this app is absolutely free.

Create Screenshots Of Transactions Easily

If you don’t know how to make a screenshot of transactions in this app then don’t worry. This app has guidance for you on how to make transaction screenshots. It’s a 2 min video that you can watch and make screenshots.

Otherwise, in this, you just have to enter the mobile and enter the transaction amount to which you want to create a screenshot and press the generate button. The screenshot will be ready for your transaction.

Share Transactions Screenshot

There is an option in prank payment apk download 2022 in which you can share the screenshot of the transactions with your friends and family to prank them. You can share these screenshots on any social media platform. 

Easy To Use 

Prank payment apk download apk pure interface is very simple. You can easily use it and there are no hurdles in using this app. You don’t need to be a technical person to use this app. When you open the app all the icons will appear in front of you and they are very simple. You can easily use them.

Support Various Apps

Prank payment apps can support various apps. You can create a screenshot of the transaction of Paytm, phone pe, gpay, or amazon pay. So what are you waiting for? Create a screenshot now and enjoy it with friends.

Create a screenshot Of Google pay

You can also send a screenshot of the transaction to google pay users. If you don’t know how to do it then don’t worry. This app will also guide you about this so you can enjoy these fake transaction would be so much fun to send these fake payments to your google pay friends.


Is prank payment apk free?

Yes, prank payment is 100% free. There are no charges in downloading this app. You can download and install it for free. Plus there are not any charges in creating fake transaction screenshots. You can make screenshots for free of any amount of transactions.

Is prank payment apk safe to use?

Yes the prank payment apk is 100% safe and secure. There are no viruses or any kind of malware threats involved in this app. Just download this app without any tension and use it for fun.

How do I update the Prank payment apk?

You can update the prank payment app manually. If you want the new version of this app then uninstall the previous version and download the new version of this from the website. It does not automatically update because it’s a third-party developer.

Can I download the prank payment Apk legally?

Yes, this app is totally legal. If you use this for fun purposes or legally. However, if you use this app for the purpose of fraud or unethical purposes then you have to face the law. And the developer of this app is not responsible for your actions.

Is this app an Ad-free app?

Yes,  prank payment is ad-free. You can use this app all day long and you don’t have to watch any kind of ad. So that the user can use this app without any interruption.


There are many other fake payment apps available on the internet. But the prank payment app is crossing them all. Because this app makes transactions so real that it’s difficult to find out whether it’s real or fake. There are many other features in this app that no other app is currently providing.

The developers of this app are not responsible for your unethical acts. If you want to enjoy and just make fun with your friends and family then prank payment apk download app now and generate your fake transaction and share it with your friends.

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