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Download Realme Dialer ApkRealme dialer apk is an application through which you can record your calls. There are two famous apps for recording calls currently. These are realme dialer and the google dialer. The main feature of these apps is that they can record calls automatically. So that every time you call someone, you don’t have to manually record the call. But here the google dialer lags in automatically recording calls.

Well, this feature works perfectly in realme app dialer. There are many other features of dialer realme which make it more valuable than google dialer and other apps. In this article, we will talk about all the features of real me dialer and how to use it. And we will also talk about downloading and installing it. 

Realme Dialer Apk Information

App name Realme Dialer App
App size 49 mb
Version v12.6.0
Last updated 7 july 2022
Developer Real me 
Android Requires 5.0 and above

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About Realme Dialer App Andriod App

Realme dialer apk apps allow its users to record the calls. This app will automatically record the calls in smartphones. There are other options available in this app. That is you can record only a selected call or record the calls which are coming from unknown numbers. You can download this app for security purpose or other purposes as well.

Download Realme Dialer Apk

Steps to Download & Install Realme Dialler

The method for realme dialer apk free download and installation is really easy and simple. There are no hurdles in downloading it. Here are the few steps through which you can easily download this app.

  • Tap on the download icon of realme dialler and your downloading will automatically start. 
  • After the completion of the download, open the folder where the file is downloaded and tap on it.
  • When you open the file it begins to install.
  • During the process of installation, a box will appear in front of your screen
  • Click on the allow unknown resources. 
  • Now open the app and make some settings so that you can record your calls.

Download Realme Dialer Apk


The features of this dialer apk for android 12  are pretty amazing than other apps which makes it unique then other apps. Here are the following features of real me dialler :

Automatic Recording 

This is one of the best features of realme dialer latest version which makes it different from other platforms. Other apps may provide you with automatic recording but their quality is not good enough. Like they get lag on the automatic recording.

And in some apps before answering or dialing a call you have to open the app and then enable the call recording. Which is clearly a hectic process and sometimes you may even forget to record the call.  But realme app dialer performs perfectly here. Once you set up this app in your phone then it will automatically record the calls. So free from this tension that whether it will record or not. 

Categorize Calls

In realme dialer apk for android 10 You can specifically choose for yourself which calls should be blocked or which should not. You can manage this in the settings of the dialer app. You can select to record only those calls which are coming from unknown numbers or the calls of contact which are saved in your phone. And you can also select specifically a particular person.

Disable The Function Of Realme App Dialer

On other apps if you install that application in your phone then you can disable them temporarily. Every time you make a call or receive it will record automatically. But that’s not the case in the realme phone dialer apk. You can temporarily disable the recordings and enable it whenever you want. 

Easy To Use

The interface of realme dialer apk mirror app is simple and easy to use. You don’t need to be a software expert to use this app. Anyone can easily use it. 


How do I change google dialer to Realme Dialer?

Changing your call recorder from google dialer to realme dialer apk is simple. Here is the process: first go to your mobile settings and click on the apps. Select the default apps and then click on the “phone app” to change the dialer in your phone. Now select this app

Can we remove the Google Gialer?

No you cannot remove the google dialler from the phone or uninstall it. You can disable the google dialer in settings. To use the realme dialer you can install it as a 3rd party app.

Is it safe to download the Realme Dialer?

Yes, the realme dialler is completely safe and secure. However, for your own satisfaction, you can scan it through antivirus software like avast. But this app is absolutely free from malware threats and viruses.

How do I set up the dialer on my phone?

To set up the realme dialer first open the settings of the phone and locate the app management section. There will be various options in front of you. Tap on the default apps. Now the next step is to click on the phone app and then on contacts. . Now the real dialer is set up.

Where can I find the apk files on android?

The first step is to go to the files manager and click on the data. In the next step locate the folder application. There you will see the apk file that has been downloaded.


Realme dialer apk is one of the fastest growing call recording applications. Currently, the users of this app are comparing it with google dialer. Which shows how competitive this application is. And people are still choosing the dialer app. Its quality and features make it different from other apps.

The recording alert, disabling it, and then choosing specific persons to record their calls makes this app more attractive to its users. If you want to record your calls of good quality then download the realme dialler now and start recording your calls.

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