Rummy Gold Apk Download For Android – Play And Win Bounce

Rummy Gold Apk DownloadRummy gold apk is a gaming platform where you can play games and earn money from it. The main game in the rummy gold due to which it gets so much popular is Poker and teen patti. This is actually a card game in which you play and earn money from it. People got so addicted to this game that they would never leave this game. 

Now some people get bored by playing only card games. And they started to lose interest in it. So rummy gold added more games in it that you can play. Currently, there are over 18 games that you can play in rummy gold. In rummy gold, you are not limited to only earning by playing. You can also earn money by referrals and deposit bonuses. 

Details Of Rummy Gold App

App Name Rummy gold
App Size 48 mb
App Version 6.23
Android Requires 4.4 and above

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About Rummy Gold Andriod Game

Rummy gold apk is basically a card game. Its an online game that you can play in multiplayer and earn money while playing it. You can also earn money by referrals and get bonuses on deposits. This game has some really cool features. You can get alot of coins and rewards. 

Rummy Gold Apk Download

How To Download And Install Rummy Gold

Here are the following steps through which you can download and install this app:

  • Click on the download button of rummy gold and your downloading will automatically start.
  • Open the folder where the file is downloaded and tap on it.
  • When you open the file the installation will automatically begin.
  • During installation, a box will appear on the screen. Click on the allow unknown resources.
  • After a few seconds, the installation will be complete. Now open the rummy gold app and enjoy.


 Multiple Games 

You can play multiple games on the rummy gold Indian rummy app. These are the followings:

  • 7 up down 
  • Rummy
  • Dragon vs tiger
  • Poker
  • Teen patti
  • Best of five
  • Fruit line 
  • Variations 
  • 3 card poker
  • 10 cards
  • Ludo

Earn by Referral

Rummy gold offers you to earn money not only by playing games but also by referrals. You can refer this game to anyone and get your money instantly. The more you refer the more you will earn money.


There are a lot of bonuses and prizes in the rummy gold apk download. When you create an account you will also get a sign up bonus. Afterward when you deposit money then there will be an extra bonus for you. Every time you deposit you will get money.

How to Add Money In A Rummy Gold App Account

Adding money in rummy gold apk is very easy and hassle-free. There are no hurdles in it. Just follow the simple steps and you can easily add your money :

  • Open the rummy gold app and the menu will appear in front of you. Now click on the added cash .
  • Now enter the amount you want to add.
  • Select the method of payment through which you want to add money.
  • Now click on the proceed. After a few times, the amount will be added to your account.
  • On your first deposits, you will get an extra bonus

How to Withdraw Money From A Rummy Gold

Just like adding money into rummy gold, withdrawing money is also simple and easy.  To withdraw money from rummy gold here are the following steps :

  • Open the rummy gold app and the dashboard of the app will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the withdrawal.
  • Choose the payment method through which you want to withdraw your money.
  • Enter the payment details like user name, email e.t.c
  • Enter the amount that you want to withdraw.
  • Click on the withdrawal. And the money will be transferred to your account immediately.
  • The minimum withdrawal is of 100 rupees


Can I withdraw multiple times in a day in a rummy gold app?

Yes, the rummy gold offers you to withdraw money multiple times a day. And the best thing is the amount will be immediately transferred to your account.

Is rummy gold apk safe?

Yes, the rummy gold app is completely safe and secure. There are no viruses and malware threats in it.

How many times can I get the sign up bonus in the rummy gold app?

The signup bonus is available only once per mobile number.

Can I create more than one account in the rummy gold app?

Yes, in the rummy gold app you can create more than one account. But you should avoid creating more than one account on the same device. This will lead you to permanently ban from playing rummy gold. 

What are cards in the rummy gold app?

The cards are another way to get more bonuses on every deposit.  There are two types of bonuses in the rummy game. These are weekly and monthly cards. The weekly cards are valid for 7 days and the monthly cards are valid for 30 days. 

How to sign up on a rummy gold app ?

After the installation, open the rummy gold app and the page appears in front of the screen. Now type the phone number there and there will be a verification code that you will enter. This verification code is sent by the rummy gold app. After which you will have an account on the rummy gold app.


Rummy gold apk is one of the most popular online gaming platforms. And still its users are increasing day by day. This game has millions of downloads. The best thing is there are a lot of games that you can play in it. You can also play it with your family and friends. You can get a lot of bonuses and prizes in it.  If you want to play and earn money online then rummy gold is the best game.

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