Rummytime Apk [2023] Download For Android – Latest Version

Rummytime ApkHi guys! So time is there to go to a rummy state, and relax. I hope you guys are aware of the cards game, literally, I remember when we buy a computer and there is no internet we used to play some built-in games which also include card games but at that time there is no thriller, no bonus, no tournaments, we can just play with computer and computer play with us. But now the time has changed, we are going to tell you about an exciting game full of action, fun, and thriller. In august 2020 India decide to provide its people with Rummytime Apk exciting things.

Rummy time Apk is India’s fastest growing playing and earning platform, using this platform you can earn money and also can enjoy exciting matches. This application does not involve real money gambling and India’s high court also declared it a a legal platform to enjoy games.

The most exciting and basic version of this game is the 80-point game. In the next discussion, I will tell further about this basic version of the game. I hope you will like this game as much as I like it.I also think it will help you to improve your IQ because it is all about intellectual capacity. The more you will play and become a pro, the more you will increase your cleverness and mental ability.

Rummytime Apk Version & Size Detail

Launched August 2020
Game type  Card game
Ratings  4.3
Game by  Rummy time technology private limited
Storage  66MB


How To Download And Install Rummy Time APK?

Rummy time apk download is simple and easy, however, the ios version of this app is not released yet but the company says it will be released soon.

Rummytime Apk download

So the download method is for android.

  • Firstly you have to click on this link which is given above, this is an easy step, you just have to click on this link, and your downloading will start.
  • Now click on the menu and go to the files, you have to search the file where your download file is being placed.
  • At last you just have to open the file and your installation process starts and here the journey begins!
  • If you already have an account on Rummy time then you can directly go to Rummy time login, and your app will automatically log in.

Features Of RummyTime Apk

Safe and Secure

Rummy Time app apk is India’s most trusted app and is used by over 70 lac people. It is totally safe and secure and your information will not be given to anyone except with your information and your money is totally safe here.

Trusted and Proven

It is authorized by India’s high court that it is not prohibited because there is no real money gambling involved in this game. 

Graphics and Visuals

Rummy time graphics are very brilliant and excellent, they give you a real feel while playing and the interesting part is that this app can function at low internet speed without being hung, which is helpful for people who live in areas with weak signals.

Help Center

While playing this app you will never ever feel alone because rummy time apk will provide you with continuous support and tell you the tricks and tips to play different games.

Multi Languages

This amazing game comes up with 6 different languages that are spoken in india.

RNG Verification

Here the service of RNG verification is also available.

Basic Rules Of The Game

 As we all know, the card game consists of a deck and in each deck, there are 52 cards, but in this game, there will be two decks divided among 2 to 6 players with 13 cards given to each. Players have to arrange the cards in the standard order.

how to play rummytime

Variants of Rummy Time

  • Points rummy
  • Pool rummy
  • Deals

The variants of Rummy time download apk makes more excitement for the users for example the points rummy is not the time-consuming app. Those people who don’t have much time because of their work but want to relax and are eager to increase their mental ability, time rummy is the best option for them.

There are two further games in pool rummy and these exciting games are 101 pool rummy and 102 pool rummy. Let’s discuss these games.

These games have only slight differences among them, the only thing is time, 101 pool rummy consumes less time while 102 pool rummy consumes more time than previous. players have to continue the game until they reach a particular number.


It is suggested from the game that the deals game involves the players deciding earlier how many turns they have to take.

Advantages Of Playing Game

  • Unlimited free cash games
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Zero fraud guarantee
  • Unlimited referral cash 
  • Rummy time withdrawal is an easy and fast process


What is a rummy time app?

Rummy time app is the card , where you can play and earn money.

What is a rummy time voucher?

A Rummy time voucher includes coupons and bonuses , which gives you great incentives.

What is a rummy time discount coupon?

Rummy time discount coupon is a big bonus for new arrivals, here you can get a bonus of up to rs 10,000 on your first add cash.

How to delete a rummy time account?

If you want to delete a rummy time account, then it could be done in easy steps, you can go to their website and here you can see the option of ” contact us “, here they provide you their phone number and Gmail, you can use either option to delete your account.


Rummytime apk is an Indian game by rummy time technology private limited, this game does not involve any real money gambling. This is the platform where you can play a different range of games to improve your intellectual level and also can earn money. It is user-friendly and easy to use. It includes pool games, points games, and deals. It provides you the service of unlimited referral cash that if you refer this app to your friend you can get a huge bonus. It gives you the guarantee of zero fraud because rummy time takes this responsibility itself. This app is trusted by millions of people and has a current rating of 4.3.

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