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SaveFrom Video DownloaderSavefrom net apk is a tool through which you can download videos. The videos might be from youtube, Facebook or other social media save from the net will help you on all of these platforms. On the computer, we have an internet download manager through which we can easily download videos from anywhere. But however, there are no options available for android devices.

And in youtube, we can only download videos offline and they are not saved in the gallery. But thanks to saving from net made a great solution for this problem. If you want to download any videos on youtube or Facebook then this application is best for use.

SaveFrom Net Apk Information

App name Savefrom net
Version 2.3.0
App size 9 mb
Developer 3205. today
Last update August 5, 2022
Android requires 5.1 and above

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About SaveFrom Net

Savefrom net apk is basically an app through which you can download videos from youtube, Facebook, or social media. Not only this you can also download the pictures and audio. This application supports all kinds of audio and video formats. You can also choose the video quality formats which you want to download. Like in 240p, 360p or any other which is suitable for you.

SaveFrom Video Downloader

Steps To Download And Install The SaveFrom Net

The method and process for downloading of save from net apk is effortless and trouble free. There is no strain in downloading this app. Here are the following steps through which you can download this app.

  • Click on the download button given. And your downloading will automatically start.
  • Now open the folder where the file is downloaded and click on it.
  •  When you open the file your installation will begin.
  • After a few moments in installation there will be a box appearing on screen. Click on the allow unknown resources.
  • After giving the access within a few seconds your installation will be complete.
  • Now open the app and start downloading your favorite videos.

SaveFrom Video Downloader SaveFrom Video Downloader


Savefrom net has quite amazing features. Which helps users in a lot of situations. Here are the following features of save from net:

Easy To Use 

Downloading the save from the net is very easy and simple. You can download your favorite videos with just one click. Just paste the link or give access to all the videos appearing in front of you and download the videos you want to. 

Edit And Notify

Every time you download the videos from save from net you will get notified that your video is starting to download , pause or cancel. In this app you can also edit the videos that you have downloaded. Like you can crop them and use some effects in order to make the videos more attractive. Which is one of the unique features of saving from net.

Save And Share 

The videos you have downloaded by save from the net can also be shared to some other persons. It’s not  like other platforms where the video is just available offline and you can’t send it to anyone. The videos you have downloaded will be saved in your gallery. And you can share it to anyone with any method and any time.

Download Pictures And Audio 

Savefrom net has some other unique features in which you can not only download the video but also the audio. You can download your audio file in any format like Mp3 or wav e.t.c.  you can also download the picture according to your requirement. There is also an HD option available through which you can download the Picture in high quality.

Fully Free

The most amazing feature of savefromnet is that it’s absolutely free. There are no charges involved in this. You don’t have to pay any weekly or monthly subscription. Even not during the installation or downloading. In some other apps if you want to download the  video or picture in good quality then you have to see the ad first or pay some money for it. But that’s not the case here. You can download the video , audio or picture in any quality for free. Even the HD quality videos are also free.

Safe And Secure

Save from. net apk download is completely safe for installation and you can use it on android without any tension. This app is totally free from viruses. And completely secure from malware threats. You don’t have to worry about it.


How to download youtube videos on android  savefrom net?

Downloading the youtube videos from savefrom net youtube apk  is very simple. Just simply install this app first. Then enable the direct download in it. Now save  the videos easily on your device with just one click.

Where can I find the apk files  on android ?

To find the apk files on android you have to open the files manager first. Then in the second step go to the data folder. After this find the folder name application and tap on it. Now the file you have downloaded will be available there.

which video quality does savefrom net support ?

Savefrom net apk download support videos of different quality. It depends on you which quality you want. It supports 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. Sometimes the app will not show you all of these because the video you want to download from any other platform may not be available in such quality. And you may have to download in low quality.


Savefrom net apk is one of the fastest growing applications in downloading videos. The current rating of this application is about 4.5 out of 5. Which shows how much users love this app. The best part about this app is that it’s all in one. Like you can download videos . audios or pictures. Which makes the life of users easier. If you want to download and edit your videos at the same time then this app is for you.

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