Videobuddy Apk Download 2023 For Android & PC

videobuddy apk download 2022Are you one who is in search of certain techniques to download videos you have seen on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook? If yes then your problem is solved. Because in this article I have come up with an app that I have used by myself and felt really good with its usage. 

Videobuddy apk download 2023 is the only solution left for your problem so read the article carefully. The good news for you is that you can download movies as much as you want all you need to do is to put the video name in search and click download. 

The app is really compatible with android devices but doesn’t be sad if you are a windows or IOS user because the developers have just launched the versions for windows and iOS too. So you can also enjoy using this app on pc and IOS. 

Videobuddy Apk Download 2023 Size & Version Detail

App name   Videobuddy app 
File type  Apk file type 
Compatibility   Works on your device 
Android system required  Version 4.5 and above 
Windows required  Window 7 and plus 
Cost   Free  
Virus   None  
Category   Social media 

What Is Videobuddy App? 

Videobuddy apk 2020 download is going t solve all your problems related to downloading videos. 

As you know that on social media including 

  • YouTube 
  • Instagram 
  • Facebook 
  • Netflix 

You are unable to download videos from there n your gallery or device as there is no download option. 

videobuddy apk download

May times it happens that you like a video, movie or a short clip so much that you want to save that in your device. And sometimes you find some related clips that you can share with your friends but you are unable to share them because you can not save them. 

No more worries now because now you can download all the videos you like easily from Videobuddy apk download 2023. 

The app will allow you to save clips from movies or separate videos with ease. You can crop the part that you want to download no need to get the unnecessary part downloaded. You will be able to watch movies offline if you download them so what are you waiting for download the app now. 

What Is Videobuddy Apk Download 2023? 

Have you an idea about apk? If yes then well and good and you can skip to next part. But stop right there if you don’t know about apk because I am going to explain you about it. 

Get the latest apk version and delete the Videobuddy apk download old version. The apk version will allow you to enjoy the features much more as compared to the normal version. 

Apk Information 

The first thing you need to know is that apk version is not the version that is developed by the real developers of Videobuddy apk download 2022. 

It is developed y IT experts  after watching the huge demand of the app and to help the audience to enjoy some additional features they developed the apk version. 

Apk is coded same just kike the original version with a little change in coding. 


As the apk is not developed by real developers so it is not available on the google play store. 

But no worries you can get apk download from many sites on google. 

For your ease I will also provide links for apk download for your  

  • Pc 
  • Android 
  • IOS 

Apk Features 

Apk will allow you to enjoy free features for which you have to pay huge amount on premium. 

You can enjoy all those features with no limit and no need to subscribe every month. 

Videobuddy Features 

No ads 

All the ads are blocked with this apps apk version so you have to face zero disturbance. 


You can download the app and will be able to use all the features for free. 


You can watch movies offline after downloading them. 

Fast downloading 

The app will not et you wait and will not waste your time. You will have fast downloading on every video you clicked to download 


Beside watching the movie from your screen you can also download the music with good quality. 

How To Download Videobuddy Apk For Android? 

  • You need to open the link above for android download 
  • When you click the link it will take you to download the site. 
  • Search for the download option there 
  • Press download button 
  • Don’t go back till the download ends.

How To Install For Android? 

  1. Open your mobile phone apps 
  2. Look if there is the old version present 
  3. If yes then uninstall it 
  4. Without uninstalling old version you will be unable to get apk version 
  5. Open settings 
  6. Search for unknown resources  
  7. Enable unknown resources 
  8. Click install 

How You Can Download Videobuddy For Pc? 

  • The above-attached link is for pc download click on it 
  • The link will open a new tab on your screen 
  • Search for download option there 
  • Click download 
  • Stay in tab till download ends.

How To Install For Pc? 

  1. Just like you did in android uninstall the old version 
  2. Download bluestack 
  3. Enable unknown resources form settings 
  4. Search for a downloaded link in bluestack 
  5. Click install 

How To Download For IOS? 

  • Click the link above and it will take you to download the site 
  • Click download 
  • Wait till the download ends.

How To Install For IOS? 

  1. Download NOX player 
  2. Grant permissions from settings 
  3. Install app through NOx player 
  4. Launch app and start playing 


Is the app safe to use? 

Yes, this videobuddy app is safe to use 

Can I download it in IOS? 

Yes, IOS download link is available above. 

Is the app legal? 

Yes the app is legal and authentic. 


If you are tried of not being able to download the movies you like on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube then download Videobuddy apk download 2022. 

The app will allow you to download videos on social media along with music for free. You will be able to use premium features for free if you download apk using the authentic and safe links above for pc, android, and iOS. 

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