We Catch Apk Free Download For Android | 2022

we catch apkI know you are a gaming lover and Pokemon is your favorite that’s why you have opened We Catch Apk article. Am I right? 

If you are a true Pokemon lover then this will be good news for you because the article is all about the great Pokemon game and its update. The app I am going to tell you about is a go-to app for Pokemon community so feel excited and grab yourself. 

Download we catch apk to get notified about the Pokemon latest update. The main purpose of this app is to collect people together and inform them about the latest Pokemon update. 

You will feel like your dream is coming true after downloading this app. You are lucky because you will also get the downloading links in this article for this app. The links will be both for android as well as pc. 

We Catch Apk Size & Version Detail 

App name   We catch app 
File type   Apk file type 
System required   Android 4.4 and above 
App by  CD studio 
Updated on  4 August 2022 
File size   5.6 MB 
Virus   None  
Cost   Free  


Download Apk

What Is We Catch App? 

An amazing app which you can get downloaded and also can operate in your smart phones as well as in your pc system is wecatch android. 

As you must be aware that Pokemon go is gaining popularity among every person of every age group and is getting famous now and the developers have provided tools to find best Pokemon. 

Wecatch apk download will work as a radar and will help you to detect the best Pokemon in your area so that you can select that one and win the game easily. 

The app will provide you a structure of miniatures of Pokemon so you will  either know about them. But don’t think it is a simple or easy app. You will need a little bit of guidance to operate the system and to use the app. I have solved this problem of you to and I will provide you the usage method and easy steps to operate. 

The first thing you need to know is that the apk version for this app is not avilable on google play store. But don’t worry I will guide you about this too. The next thing is that you will find a sale on the radar which will locate where the Pokemon is. 

Now lets move next and get to know about its apk version. 

What Is We Catch Apk Version? 

Huge audience is unaware about the apk version of any app. 

But you are lucky because you are reading this article and will be going to know about the apk version shortly. 

Wecatch apk download latest version is the best version of this app if you want to operate it in your phone. 

I will surely recommend you get the apk version download instead of the normal version. 

The apk version can be downloaded for free from many websites that are available on the google play store. Because the version is not developed by real game developers so you can not get it on the google play store. The version is easily available on different google websites. 

I will also attach a link for apk download to make things much easier for you. The apk version will unlock all the premium features for free and you can use those features for a lifetime. The features have no limit and no need to subscribe every month. 

Once you downloaded the app with apk you can use the features till you delete the app. The premium don’t come with free features. Premium requires a huge amount to get subscribe to the offer and you have to pay every month for it. 

Features Of We Catch Apk


You can download and operate the app in your device system for free 


Push the notification button and get latest notifications about every update. 


Get maps and find Pokemon shops easily. The map will locate whole area for you and will help you finding Pokemon and shops. 


Share the app easily with your friends. You can share Pokemon with your friends and also get Pokemon from them. 

How To Download For Android? 

  • Click the link above to get the app download for android 
  • Click the link and it will take you to download the site 
  • Look for the download option 
  • Click download 
  • Stay there until the download gets finished 

How To Install For Android? 

  1. First and the most important step is to uninstall the old version 
  2. If you don’t follow step one you can not move next 
  3. Now go to settings 
  4. Search for unknown resources option from settings 
  5. Enable unknown resources 
  6. Click install 

How To Download The App For Pc? 

  • For pc download, the link is attached above.
  • You will see a new tab on your pc screen 
  • Find download option there 
  • Click download 
  • Stay in tab till the download ends 

How To Install For Pc? 

  1. Just like you did for android make sure to uninstall the old version from pc 
  2. Download bluestack 
  3. It is the only way to get android app installed on your system 
  4. Now go to settings 
  5. Search for unknown resources 
  6. Click enable unknown resources to allow permissions 
  7. Now search for the downloaded link in bluestack 
  8. Click install 


Is This App Require Permissions To Install? 

Yes, the app needs permissions that’s why you need to grant permissions from settings by enabling an unknown resource option. 

How do update we catch apk? 

The app has auto-update. It will get updated by itself when a new update comes up. 


Download the fun gaming Pokemon app we catch apk. You can get the app download for free for android and pc download.  The app comes up in apk version and you will be able to enjoy premium features for free. 

Keep your device safe from fake links which any sites are providing and for your safety I have provided download links above which I have used by myself. 

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